Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm Absolutely Loving It Here

I am absolutely loving it here! This is so much fun to me!  
So whats new in the world out there? Sounds like the BYU game was a nail bitter. Whats been going on with the Presidential Primaries? I don't know what else to ask, anything pretty cool that I would like to know?
Well It has been an incredible week here. I have really loved every minute of it! The language is coming quite great and the gospel is as good as ever! I just can't tell you how much I love it here! The Spirit of this place is really unlike any other. I wouldn't quite describe it as like the Spirit of the temple, but could you imagine how it is to be in a place with over 2,000 missionaries where all we do is learn the gospel, and learn how to better serve our Father in Heaven? Seriously, it is incredible.
So like I said, we got here on wednesday afternoon had a class thursday morning and were expected to teach a lesson in Spanish to a "investigator". It was so hard to do, but it worked out. We have since taught 4 more lessons and it is crazy to see how well we are progressing with the Spanish. It is still way hard, but it is coming really well.
It is fun to see people around here. I have seen as father said, "Harmonica" Mackay quite a bit. It is always fun to see her cause it is almost like a bit of the outside world back here. Its just really nice. I have also seen Sister Anderson (Jenali), Elder Emal, Elder Issac Nay, and I also see Sister Danica Donaldson. Tell Chantelle that she seems great and she is doing an awesome job out here.
Could you please send me a list of everybody's birthdays? I would really like that so that I can keep on top of that sort of thing.
Anyways I hope you guys are doing great. I love you all soo soo much! The Gospel is so true!
Love you all,
Elder Anderson

(Thank You Hermana McKay for getting pictures from the inside to us)!

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  1. On Sunday Graham and I talked about how it was strange not to see Tommy but it is so wonderful he is doing so great already!


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