Monday, March 19, 2012

First Baptisim!


Why hello there one and all!

This has been yet another absolutely wonderful week. I've been thinking this week about how I really haven't had one single solitary bad day out here on the mission. And what a blessing that is. I have seen a lot of people really struggle out here, but there is one thing that can always make the difference; learn to laugh. Learn to smile. "Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!" Attitude is everything not only here in the mission field but also back at home and wherever you are. You can be whatever you want to be!
 Sorry for that little motivational thing... that just kinda came out of nowhere... So yeah! What a great week it has been. We met some very interesting people this week... I want to just share about one of them, hopefully there will be some pictures to come. Her name is Virginia. She collects Dolls and Mickey Mouse things. She is a sweet spirit, but the dolls kinda freak me out. From what I would saw, I would guess that she has probably 3,000 dolls at least and at least 1,000 mickey mouse memorabilia stuff. There are literally rooms devoted to the dolls. Floor to ceiling all of the floor. It kinda reminds me of that show "hoarders".

Anyway... This last Saturday we had the baptism of Sister Snow. She is a 70 year old southerner who was a baptist. She moved in with her son just over a year ago and has been going to our church pretty much ever since. It was a beautiful thing to see her baptized by her son. The service really was great. And then yesterday we got to see her confirmed a member of the church.

This whole week it has just been so impressed upon me about how baptism is just the beginning. It is a huge step and a huge leap of faith, but yet, it is just the beginning. Baptism sets us onto the path, but that is not just the end. Once we are on the path we must continue forward. We must continue in faith, repentance, and hope. Whenever we take a step off the path, that is where we can just step right back on with the gift of the Atonement. I love this path and am so very thankful for it.
Sorry that I have just been all over the place with this. But just know I love you and I love the Gospel!

See ya later!
Elder Anderson

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