Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Well This Sure Ain't Tijuana!

Why hello there family and friends! 
It has been such an interesting week... but I've loved it! So I left the MTC Wednesday morning (Tuesday night Elder Holland came and talked) and got here into Colorado around 3:30. We went into the Mission Office and had a little orientation where we got to meet everyone there and go over a few things. 
Then later we went to the Mission Home and had my first real home cooked dinner for 2 months! It was soo delicious! After that we had a bit more training there at the home and learned a little bit more about the mission. Then we got to go to sleep wake up the next morning and off we went! 
I was assigned to the Foothills/Perry Park wards of the Castle Rock Colorado zone (all the rest of the Elders that came with me are all out in Kansas). 
This is quite the place up here, it is very affluent, but very good to work with. Elder Hurst is my companion right now and he is great! He's from SLC and has been out for just over a year. He has spent his whole time out in the mission field out here in Castle Rock, but is now getting transferred out to Kansas somewhere. 
So now that I got a little settled in here in Castle Rock, I too am getting transferred. I am going to the Pueblo West zone. And all that I have heard is that that is a great place too!
Oh yeah, I forgot... CONGRATS to Jaussi and Emchipoo! Your all going to Mexico!!!!!! We are all gonna be Spanish speaking friends when we get back!
Now back to whats goin on, so up here, we really have not had anyone to teach. It is a little hard for all these people who have everything that they could ever want to realize that they need religion. So this week we have made it a big part to try and get the members to realize the importance of Member Missionary work. I never realized how important that that was before I got here. So really, I would just like to invite everyone to help all your friends and all that you know to learn a little more about the Church. This really is an incredible work and it really takes a lot of work, not only from the missionaries, but from the members as well. I hope all is going well and I love you all! Hope to hear from you all soon!
Love ya!
Elder Anderson
ps ~ You can still use Dear Elder to write me. Just click on www.dearelder.com and follow the instructions.  

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