Monday, April 30, 2012

It's a small world afterall!

  Well this was sure a fun week! I really do love it here in Pueblo West. Fun fact here... did you know if you look in the back of the scriptures where they have those maps and pictures, little old Pueblo Colorado is on the map! How exciting ain't it! Well anyways this week we once again spent a lot of time out looking for any new investigators and once again not really a whole heck of a lot of success. But I know they are out here, we just gotta find them!

The other day we were just out riding our bikes and all the sudden we were at a big reservoir.  It was pretty cool! I haven't seen water in forever it seems like. So I guess that is the pretty scenery I saw for the week. 

So yesterday I was having dinner with a great family in the ward. They have a son who is leaving on his mission to Boise in just about a month. He just got back from BYU and so I was talking to him a little about that. I asked him where he stayed at and he said the New Heritage buildings. So I said, well which one? Building 25 he said. So come to find out we lived 4 doors away from each other but never knew who each other were. He was in the other ward but I am sure we saw each other before and probably did some stuff together. Crazy how small a world it is!

Well Melissa, this one is for you. We got a referral from someone we trackted into. He said to go over to his 87 year old Father-in-laws house. So we did. And he was the coolest guy ever! We knocked on the door and asked him if he needed any help with anything, and he let us go and dig around a tree and cut some branches off and then he invited us inside. So we go inside and I look around a little bit and what do my wondrous eyes appear? Oh yes, a beautiful accordion sitting on the floor! So what do I do? I asked him if he played and oh my oh my he sure did. So he got the accordion and gave us like a 30 minute polka concert including the song "It's a Small World" polka style. So of course, I had to tell him that I had a sister that absolutely loved accordions and so I asked if I could take a little video of it. Oh I cannot wait to send this home to you! You are gonna love him. We were able afterward to teach him a little bit and give him a Book of Mormon. Although he is pretty much blind and deaf, he said he would read it on his big computer. So we are excited to go back and see if he actually did keep some of the commitments we left him.

That is one of the things we have really been focusing and learning a lot about. Commitments. The whole purpose of a missionary is to invite people to come unto Christ. The way we do that is by leaving them commitments such as to read parts of the Book of Mormon, pray daily, come to church and things such as that. It is very sad when I see people not keep the commitments that we leave them because I know that that is the way they will come unto Christ. It honestly made me think of all the things also outside of mission life when people left me something to do, whether it be a homework assignment or a chore. Honestly everything we do in life is designed to help us. When we don't do the things we are asked, when we sit back and relax, that is when we can no longer progress and learn. And isn't that the whole purpose of this life? To progress and learn and live the way we are taught.

Well I sincerely hope that you all have a great week! Know that I love you all very much!

Vayan Con Dios
Elder Anderson

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