Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!!!!!

Well first of all I must start out by saying, Happy Mothers Day!!!! And also Happy Birthday Grandma Anderson! I hope that everything is going wonderfully with everyone today.

Well this week was sure an interesting one. Monday night I began to not feel so well, but was doing fine, but tuesday, now that was a whole different story. I guess we can just leave it at that Elder Rowland and myself both got the flu or food poisoning or something. At least I can have the record of vomiting at members houses taken care of :) Sorry for that lovely detail. But, we are both feeling much much better. Although we were kinda out for the count for most of the week, we were still able to get a lot of good stuff done this week.

We had an interesting happen the other day, we were at a members door step talking when these two girls we noticed kept walking back and forth outside the house, they ended up finally coming up and asking us which direction we would be walking, we told them and asked why when they just said they had a few question. So we just said that they could ask us there and we could do our best to help them out. It is kinda incredible to see how much churches teach falsely the beliefs of our church to try and get their followers to stay away from it. We were able to teach quite a bit and I believe touch their heart, they even told us that they didn't believe that their church (which will stay unnamed) was correct. I know that they felt the Spirit and were able to feel of the truthfulness of the message we shared. Unfortunately, one of the girls mom called and they both just walked away without letting us set up some sort of appointment. At least we do know the general area of where they do live, so needless to say, we will be tracting those streets this week :) At least we were able to give them a Book of Mormon. And if they read it, they will know that it is true. That is the incredible thing about the Book of Mormon, just simply by reading it honestly and with an open heart, you will know the truthfulness of it. It is impossible not to.

This week, Elder Rowland was asked to dress as   Captain Moroni and talk to the primary aged boys at a Mommy Son dinner for the stake. It was a lot of fun and the costume he had was incredible. He got up and talked about putting on the whole armor of God and putting our trust in Him. And how we each need to make our own Title of Liberties and stand up for what we believe in.

This also reminds me of the story of Esther which I have studied quite a bit this week. The trust that she put in God and the giving up of herself to defend what she knew was true was a great testimony builder to me.

When I see these examples of these people in the scriptures honestly giving up their lives or at least offering them to defend the truth that they knew. If we all had the faith and trust to stand up for what we believed in, this would be a different world. I encourage you all this week to make your own Title of Liberties. Look for what you believe in. Find out why. And then do it. Defend what you believe and I promise that you will see miracles in your lives. I hope you all have an incredible week this week. Have a blast!

Love you all.
Elder Tommy Anderson

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