Monday, January 14, 2013

Why hello there!

Happy birthday Suzy this last week!!!!!!!!!!

So you know... When I heard I would be coming to Mexico I thought I would be basking in the sun, but no, it is absolutely freezing here. I here just like all of you all back at home, we are all having record lows.

Well lets see here... This week was just great! So this week we found a new investigator who came to church last week and she will be getting baptized this Thursday! She is so solid! Her name is Lily (she is in the picture. She wanted a picture of the day she decided she wanted to get baptized). She was being taught by the missionaries about a year ago, but just put to many excuses in the way. She finally just realized that she has nothing that should stop her from doing what God wants here to do.

We have another great person who will be getting baptized next week named Venica. She is the wife of an less active who is now active. She is super great too! Everything in the ward is going great and well I am just so excited, happy, and thankful to be here. Honestly I love it here.

Elder Lundberg is just great. We are having a blast here! We are both learning how to juggle and it has been really fun :) We are actually pretty good now. Yesterday at church was so great! We had some great talks about forgiveness and the love of God. I just love going to church! I feel like I learn so much everytime! It is just such a great place.

So also, I found another talk this week that I think has changed my life. The talk by Presidente Uchtdorf from Saturday morning of this last general conference is just incredible. I invite you all to read it and apply it.

So today we have been given an extra hour to explore and I just watched a video of the talk of President Uchtdorf about the man who went on a cruise ship and didn't use all that was available to him. It made me think a lot about the possible things and blessings that I am missing out on in my life. I hope we can all look at who we are and make the necessary changes so that we can receive all the full blessings we are able to receive. "Let us not live beneath our means".

Well I hope you are all doing so loverly. Have an incredible week! I love ya!

Elder Tommy Anderson

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