Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Why hello there! How are you all doing this week? First of all, a happy happy happy happy fathers day to you dearest father. You are the best dad in the whole wide world! Well this week has been just a great week. We were able to have some good success in our areas and really just in everything. I am super excited for a baptism that we have coming up this week for a guy named L. He is a homicide investigator and just a really cool guy. It is just incredible to see the changes that the Gospel can make in the lives of people.

This week was Presidente Carreon´s birthday and so Hermana Carreon invited us over for a delicious carne asada. It was a blast. It was just their family, the assistants, my companions and I. It was delicious. Best meat I have had in a long time. Carne asada, quessadillas, guacamole, salsa, grilled onions, flour tortillas. Wow. I was just in heaven. It was weird though because they have a nice sound system there in their house and there was just calm music on in the background when all of the sudden I hear myself singing. And they had the Easter concert on there. That was pretty funny. 

Yesterday we recruited the help of Presidente Carreon in our ward council meeting and we made a new ward mission plan. It was actually really cool. He helped everyone out a lot to realize what we should do and how a ward mission plan should be. Hopefully, that will help out the whole ward to get more excited about missionary work. I am really excited for the worldwide leadership training. It is gonna be real good. I hope that all the members here, and all of you back home go to this training. I think we are gonna be getting some really important new instruction on how we should be working here now. 

One of the things that we have been doing this week that has helped us out a ton is that we have made it a goal to talk with more people. We use a lot of taxis as the office and we have started to contact them all and basically invite them all to get baptized. One thing that I have realized that we can not judge who is ready and who is not, so we need to talk to everyone. And honestly, everyone could do this. One of the things we are trying to get our ward to start doing is just opening their mouths. I know that the gospel will be taken out to all lands much quicker if us as members just open our mouths and talk. It isnt even awkward. Just open your mouth, testify, and invite. I love it. I love being a missionary it is the best. Hope you all doing just super great. 

Love ya!
Elder Tommy Anderson

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