Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Best Week Of Mission!

      Why hello there everyone! How are you doing? Sorry for writing so late, it has been a couple really busy days. Monday and Tuesday were transfer days and we were running around crazy trying to accommodate the 25 new missionaries that arrived. That is the largest group we have ever received here in the mission, and for the next couple of transfers that number will just be growing. So with transfers… as I guessed, I stayed here with elder Bryce and my new companion elder Guzman. We are a good mix together. We have a lot of fun and get a lot of work done.

                I think I would call this week one of the best of my mission. It was great. On Wednesday we had the baptisms of Jose Angel, Fernando, Manuel, Lalo, and Roberto. It was really cool to see that with everyone all there dressed in white. One thing we did to try and help the ward get a little more excited about missionary work is we asked five members to help us out with baptism and to actually perform the ordinance. It was really cool in many aspects because on one side the investigators are going to always have someone in the ward that baptized them or in other words a friend. And another plus is that each of those five members, plus their families became really excited and started sharing the gospel a bit more.
                We should be having another baptism on Sunday, and then two more (the parents of the familia G.) the week after. We are pretty excited for the work that is going on here in our area and the push that it is getting. Day by day the members get a little more excited and are working a bit more. 
                Oh, I almost forgot. So on thursday we got home and I open up the door and walk in and I hear water... That is never a good sign. 
Well I turn the lights on and I see a lake in the middle of our house. So we run and start grabbing all of the suitcases and everything from off of the floor and there was just a ton of water dripping from the roof in the assistants room, well anyways the neighbors upstairs left the faucet on and their drain was plugged. So it all came down in our house. There was a good 4 inches of water in some parts and we just spent the whole night cleaning up. It was pretty fun though and nothing got ruined. Just one mattress that is having a hard time getting dry. 
                Saturday was just great. President picked us up at 7 am and we were able to walk across, without line to the US. It was the best!!! We crossed and headed over to the San Diego temple. That temple is just absolutely incredible. It is seriously like a temple. It was really cool to see so many people from Tijuana working over there. I often wonder if they are really going to be ready for a temple here in Tijuana. That makes me feel a little better seeing so many people that I knew over in the temple.  But honestly it was just so great to be in the temple again. I feel so blessed to have been able to go and feel the peace of the temple again. It was interesting because we went through in a Spanish session. I was able to understand everything very well so that was quite fun. It was a different experience.
                Afterward President took us to Jack in the Box to eat and then we went to Burlington Coat Factory and got some clothes that we were all needing. It was a fun trip and hopefully we can convince President to do it again soon. 
                This last weekend was quite intense. Monday and Tuesday were transfer days and they were just insane. This transfer we sent 4 missionaries home and received 25. That was pretty cool. We are planned to just keep going up in number of missionaries. Things in the mission are going really well. This week we baptized the most the mission ever had in one week (55). It was a super great week. Things are going so well. One of the reasons why I believe, or well why I know that the mission and our sector are improving is that the overall obedience in everything is improving. I was reading this morning Alma 36 where he talks to his son Helaman about his conversion process. At the end he basically tells him, “You can choose what’s right and God will bless you, or you can not follow and you will see the consequences”. He gave him the choice, and well it is a choice that all of us have in our daily lives. If we want to see the miracles and blessings in our lives there is only one thing that we need to do, and that is obey. I love how Jesus said it, “If ye love me, keep my commandments”.
             Well I love you all, have a great week and remember who you are!
Elder Tommy Anderson
Look at these beautiful ties that we wore for the new Elder's coming in. These are my companion and myself. I bought that beautiful orange tie in San Diego for $9.99!

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