Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Week Of Miracles!!!!!

Why hello there! Wow! This has been such an incredible week. The Lord is blessing us incredibly. As i mentioned last week, we had like 3 real investigators. Yesterday we had 11 at church and 8 with baptismal dates! This week has honestly been incredible to see just how blessing after blessing comes when we are diligent and obedient in doing the work of the Lord. 

Do you remember the familia G. that I talked about a while ago. They are a family of 5 that showed up to church about 2 months ago, well they came again yesterday and we are going to be able to get them married this next week so the whole family will be baptized next week! They all loved church this week including the kids who were involved in the primary and young mens classes. It was great to see them back at church again. 

We honestly have a solid group of 15 investigators or so right now that are all on the process to baptism. We found a lot of success working this week with former investigators, less actives, and being a bit more insistive with the members about their referrals. It was honestly an incredible change in all of the members. 

Other news, my companion Elder Espino is getting transferred. Our new companion elder Guzman got hear yesterday and will be in training mode for 2 weeks before the transfers start. I have no idea how long I will be here for, but I am guessing one more transfer. Other fun news... so last week president mentioned to us if we would be alright going and doing some audits so I said of course. He sent us basically on a two day vacation to a place called San Felipe. It was a 7 hour bus ride and we got there just to go do the financial audit, eat some fish tacos by the beach, stay the night and head back. But it was a lot of fun. 

I have been reading a book recently by Elder Clayton Christensen about being member missionaries. It is incredible. I highly recommend you all to get it and learn for his experience in how to share the gospel. There were some stories that I have particularly liked so far. Many people including myself try to share the gospel by trying to show the people how much it they need the gospel, and they don’t accept it. But when you tell them how much the Church needs them and their particular skills, they come running to help. I am going to try to apply that in what I do. Many times people don’t understand what they are missing and for that don’t want to change, they just need a reason to get the foot in the door. So if we offer them a way to help and serve their fellow man they may welcomely take that first step in the door. 

I am super excited to see what this week has to bring for us here in the mission. It is gonna be a blast. I am so happy. This is the best time of my life I would say. I hope that each of you too can find the joy in sharing the gospel. Love ya!

Elder Tommy Anderson

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