Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This week was galactica!

Why hello there! 

How are you doing this week!? 

This was just one crazy week here in Tijuana! As my companions and I have been calling it, it has been galactic! Honestly this week was full of incredible crazy things. And as always, full of miracles.

This week we were blessed to see 3 baptisms and confirmations of Viviana, Mary, and Elena. They were all very great services and well each had quite the stories to it. All I guess all I can really say is that we had a lot of the help from God and influence from the Holy Ghost in helping these people. Honestly I feel so blessed to be here. We are seeing incredible Miracles. 

With Mary and Elena they are aunt and niece. Well anyways, Elena has been going to church for quite some time now and then she brought her niece Mary to Church. At first Mary didn't even believe in God, but recently they have had some family experiences that has helped her realize the existence of God. Honestly, she has become so strong in the Church. Elena also has been able to make huge changes as she has came closer and closer to the Gospel. I am so thankful for the Gospel and the incredible changes that it can do in our lives. There is honestly not anything that the Gospel can’t change in our lives. 

I have been studying in Alma 23 this week about the missionary experiences of the Alma and the sons of Mosiah and it talks a lot there about how multiple lamanite cities were all completely converted to the Gospel. It says that it completely changed their lives. I believe that is how one can be converted, when they truely change there lives and put it in harmony with the will of God. 

As I was studying this week about conversion these are some of the points that I have noted. Conversion includes a change in behavior, but it goes beyond behavior; it is a change in our very nature. It is such a significant change that the Lord and His prophets refer to it as a rebirth, a change of heart, and a baptism of fire. Becoming converted means leaving everything behind to become a disciple of Christ. As we continue to align our lives more with the Gospel of Jesus Christ we will be converted and become these Disciples of Christ.

Viviana was also another miracle this week. Her sister Diana we are also teaching and will be baptized in these coming weeks. But Viviana also had many doubts about God and who he was in her life. The Gospel has also helped her change many things in her life and help her change her life. 

Honestly, once again I am so thankful for the changes that the Gospel makes in our lives when we really put it in practice and follow the counsels of God and his Prophets. I am so thankful for scriptures and living prophets who help us on our path to return to God. 

Well I hope you all have a great incredible week. I love you all! 

Love Elder Tommy Anderson

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  1. Hola elder Anderson!!.. soy del Barrio Postal, que bueno que ya regresara a su casa!. Mucho exito en sus planes de vida!.. haber cuando nos vuelve a visitar!! exitoo!


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