Monday, November 11, 2013

The Last Transfer Begins….

Why hello there! How is everyone doing this fine week? This week has been quite great or in other words, galactic. To start it off, today is transfer day... And Elder Llanes headed out to Mexicali. I am still here with Elder Menchaca and our new companion Elder Meza. I have spent a bit of time with this elder Meza, I have actually already done a few divisions with him. He is a great missionary that is a great worker and very obedient. So honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better last companion. It is crazy to realize that this is my last transfer. Oh well, I am trying to not think very much about that. 

But really, things here are going really well. This week we had the baptism of Dylan. It went really great and he was just so excited to get baptized. He was counting down the days and then the hours. He is honestly just so smart. Everything we tell him he remembers it so well! We found him in my first week here when we past by the house to visit a member, but when we got there they told us that the person had moved and this was some cousin or some sort of relative that was now living there. Well, we got talking and we found out that both of the parents are members of the church just that they were inactive. So we started from there visiting them quite a bit and Dylan was baptized and confirmed this last week. I am so happy to be able to see the changes in the lives of people that the gospel does. The Gospel when applied really changes the lives of people. 

That was the theme of one of the really cool lessons that we had this week. We were teaching a recent convert who told us that he was sad that he hadn't seen just as many changes in his life that he would have liked to. We started talking about the gospel and the way that God helps us, the way that he changes us. And so we started to talk about what is conversion. Like I mentioned last week, to be converted we need to consciously change our thoughts, beliefs, desires, and actions so that they can be more in harmony with the desires and will of God. He was able to grasp that and he committed himself to study the Scriptures every day, and to pray daily with more intent. Really I know that when we change ourselves, then God can change us, but we have to take the first step.

This week the Bishop asked me to speak in Church and I also spoke about that same thing. The conversion and turning our lives to be more like Christ. While I was studying this week I found a really great quote from President Monson. It says, ¨Don't let your passions destroy your dreams.¨ A lot of times, we have dreams of being with God, having an eternal family, or many other things such as that. But is our life really on a path that can take us there? Are  our passions allowing us to return back to live with God and to realize our dreams? 

The whole transfer here we have struggled a little bit in finding new investigators, but this week went really well. We were able to find lots of new people that can all honestly progress. The only bad thing was that out of the 20 people we had committed to come to Church, none of the came. We are going to be focusing a lot this week again on the Sabbath day and the commandment that it is to attend Church. I am excited to see what this week will bring on that side of the work. I know that God can help people feel the need of attending Church, I just hope that the investigators will use wisely their agency this week and get to Church!

This week we also had interview with Presidente Carreon as a zone. They went really well and I really liked mine. When we started mine, we walked into the room sat down and he said, Well Elder Anderson, we are really good friends and I like you... I finished the transfers yesterday and so I am gonna tell you what is happening with you and your zone. It was pretty funny to see him like that. I have had such the blessing to be able to be around him so much. I have learned so much from Presidente Carreon and he is going to have a lasting impact on my life. 

Well I hope that this week you all do well! I wish and hope the best for each and every one of ya!

Take care!
Elder Tommy Anderson 

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