Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Why hello there! Happy Happy Thanksgiving the other day! What a great holiday it is, what a shame that they dont celebrate it here in Mexico. Well honestly, this was just another incredible week! The work is just exploding here in our ward and in the whole stake. Currently in our ward we have 14 people that are working towards the goal of a baptism with a specific date and in the whole stake right now we have 79 people that are preparing. It honestly is incredible. The work truely is being hastened and "no unhallowed hand can stop this work from progressing." I am so happy to be here at this time and in this place serving God. It is incredible.

Well as I mentioned last week, a bunch of members came from Utah for the week to build and repair houses and give service down here in this stake. It was honestly an incredible thing they did! Seriously, there were about 110 of those that came down and they just worked super hard all week long and got some incredible stuff done here. I believe they build a few houses, repaired like 7 roofs, build people new kitchens and bathrooms. And seriously, it was incredible. And what was even more incredible is that almost none of them spoke spanish, but yet in every moment they were trying to share the gospel. We recieved many referal from them who were able to join us yesterday at Church and many that have baptismal dates. It is incredible all that they did. They also brought down trailer loads full of stuff for the people here. They brought for the missionaries boxes of gifts, 25 suits, over 50 pairs of pants, over 100 white shirts, 20 pairs of shoes, suitcases and ties. It was incredible all that they were able to do. It made me want to be more service minded and I have tried to apply that this week. One fun thing also is that they invited us over for dinner every day and so we went a few times and had some delicious food from the US! It was soooo good! 

Some of the supplies they brought for the missionaries.

Thanksgiving Dinner with the Utahns
don't know if I mentioned last week, but we had some transfers in my companionship. They sent Elder Menchaca to a different ward here in the same stake, and we received another elder named Elder Fuentes from Mexico City. He is really great and we are having a blast here working supĂ©r hard! 

One thing that I have really liked to do here in the mission and well something that we have done many times this week is teach the 10 commandments. Many people done know them and if they have heard them, dont understand or apply them. So as you know here in Mexico there are some deep religious beliefs that have long roots here in Mexico. One thing that we have been able to do to help people realize the importance of changing is threw the 10 commandments. If it has been a while since you have read them or you dont know what they are, well than I invite you to read them. or So great. 

Morning Study Over Looking the City

This week we had multiple times when were able to visit people and share specific messages with them and then when we finished they were would tell us, "How is it that you guys always show up at the time right when we need you?" It was kinda a cool testimony builder that God really does guide us as missionaries in helping each of his children. God really does know each and every one of us. He understands our pains and weaknesses. He is sad when we are sad and rejoices when we are happy. I know that he really does have a plan for us and that is why he gave us His Gospel. 

Yesterday at Church, everything went really well. We had 110 people in attendance and had 6 non members accompany us. Things are going really well. Everybody is really starting to put in practice what is our Ward mission plan and are having great success. Yesterday we had the opportunity to share a message in both Priesthood and Relief Society meetings about rescuing those who have gone away from the path. We talked a lot yesterday to them about the need of going out and helping those who are innactive in their attendance and their conduct in the Church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We shared a few personal experiences and a video about the need of rescuing those who are in need and not just forgetting about them. I believe that I have already passed off this video to you guys to watch, but I am gonna pass it again because it is just very powerful.  I know that nobody is too far away that they cant be rescued by the power of Christ, we just need to help them out. 

This week we will be starting the Christmas devotional concerts. We are going to do 3 in total I believe 2 here in Tijuana and 1 in Ensenada. Our practices are going a long pretty well, I hope that it turns out well.

Well anyways, I honestly am just so happy to be here. I know that what I am doing is what God desires of us. I know that this is His work. It is Him that guides us and gives us the authority and power to do these things. Well I gotta go but I wish you all the best of times. Have a great week! Just remember who you are and act accordingly!!

Elder Tommy Anderson

Our friends from Utah left us some Grandma Sycamore bread, Jelly and Jimmy Dean Sausage!!!

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