Thursday, February 23, 2012

Colorado Here I Come!!

Hola mi familia y mis amigos! Como estan? Well as you know it has been quite the exciting last week or so. The four of us all heading to Tijuana have just all been so distracted as of late wondering where we are gonna be going and when we would leave. When we checked in the travel office they told us that we could have been leaving as soon as Friday, so we just didn't know what to expect! But last night after gym we found out that it was Colorado Springs Colorado and that we are leaving on Wednesday! I am actually way excited for that. It is like 2 whole missions for the price of 1! The only thing that we have been worrying about is that the travel office lady told us that in Colorado we would not be Spanish speaking Elders, so that we making some people quite worried. But either way, I am excited for the challenge and opportunity!
So last night because of the reassignment we all got to call home for 5 minutes. So guess what happens? I call home 3 times... nobody answers. I call my Mom's phone 3 times... nobody answers. I call Dad's phone 3 times.... nobody answers. And so then I finally remembered another phone number, but I couldn't decide if it had been Reed's or Suzy's phone number. So I just called it all hesitantly hoping that it was Suzy... and it was! Somebody answered the phone! It was very very nice to talk to a familiar voice. Sorry Melissa, but I couldn't remember your phone number!
So besides the reassignment, this has also been another exciting week! On Tuesday morning I come back from the shower and Elder Maxwell is freaking out. He is yelling, "I'm a leper!!!!!!!" So I was pretty confused. Apparently Elder Maxwell woke up and found that he had ringworm on the back of his neck. So that meant we got to go to the doctor and the pharmacy again! Sad for him, but it was nice to be able to go outside the gates again. Now he is feeling pretty bad again too. He might have the flu... Hopefully I don't get anything, I will just have to keep taking my ET.
This week has been yet another great week here at the good ol MTC. The Spanish is coming along really great and I am able to say pretty much everything that I need to say in the lessons. I am really loving the MTC and all of the great talks and lessons and really just whole atmosphere here. I am loving it! But the time has definitely come where I think that it is about time to leave.
So this week I wanted to talk about a talk by Elder Oaks of the Twelve. In this last General Conference he talked about the "teachings of Jesus". Just as he started out, he asked the question found in Matthew 22:42 which says, "What think ye of Christ?" That is the same question I want you all to think of this week. What has Jesus Christ done for you and in turn, what are you doing because of what he has done? For me, Jesus Christ is my Savior. Jesus Christ is the Light of the World. Jesus Christ has made it possible for me to be forgiven of my sins and hopefully one day be able to return to live with my God and family again. Because of Jesus Christ, I am on a mission. His Atonement was inifite and that is why we must share it. He made the way possible for all to return to our Father in Heaven again. Jesus Christ is why I am who I am. Jesus Christ is why I live the way I do. Jesus Christ is the Redeemer of the World. I invite you all this week to really look at and ponder, "What think ye of Christ?" And really, what He, has done for you.
Everyone, I hope you know how much I love you. I hope you know that without a shadow of a doubt, I am doing the will of the Father. This is His Church. This is His Gospel. This is the only way that will bring pure and true happiness to all. 
Have a wonderful week everyone! And remember, only one more week here at the MTC... so send as many letters as you want! 
Love ya,
Elder Anderson

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