Thursday, February 16, 2012

50? Wow, your getting up there...

Why hello there family! How in the world are you doing? Happy late valentines day to you all! It has been just another loverly week here at the MTC. Not a whole lot too exciting this week, except we did find out today that we will be getting a temporary reassignment because of visa issues. I am actually so excited for that! We will find out next week where we get reassigned to. It will be like I get to serve in two missions and I am sure I will have great experiences from both.
So Father... 50? I'm so excited when I get back to be able to get senior discounts with you! We can get into all of the national parks for free! Seriously, whats not to love about being 50?!? Well hopefully you can still hear and see and move around... Well, best of wishes to you on your very own birthday! Feliz CumpleƱos (they don't only say it that way in Spain, but in Mexico too)!!!!
So Valentines here was actually a whole lot of fun! All of us Elders felt horrible though! We got to class Tuesday morning and the Hermanas in our District had made all of these valentines stuff! Like not just a few candies, but bags of candy and these envelopes full of these personally hand written letters to each of us, and of course all of us being guys forgot that it was even valentines... So needless to say we all felt horrible. But don't worry, we saved the day and wrote them all letters, decorated their desks with valentines candies and got them the CTR t-shirts that are kinda a joke and we all signed them. So it actually turned out really good!
So this week we baptized all of our "investigators" and now have 5 more. The Spanish is really coming along great now! I feel like I can say whatever I want to in lessons now and I can understand pretty much all conversations, but my conversational speaking spanish just isnt that great yet... but that will come! I'm so excited to be able to know two different languages now. It is so much fun!
So this last week we got the chance to watch the devotional from Christmas day this year (3 days before I got here) of a talk by Elder Bednar called the Character of Christ. I really think it is one of the best talks I have ever hear. Too bad you guys can't see it! But it was all about who Jesus Christ really was and how he lived his day to day life. The whole idea of the talk was how Jesus would always turn outward and never look towards himself. That is one thing that I have specifically been trying to do a lot more of this week. When we forget ourselves and actually care about others, that is when the Lord will bless us, and that is when we will actually truly be happy.
Well hope you all know that I love you! Have a great week!
Elder Anderson
Elder's Nesser, Maxwell, Anderson & Hammond roommate's at the MTC.  All are going to Tijuana.

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