Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why Hello There!

Why hello there one and all! Hope everything is going great, once again it is going wonderfully here!

Man, I got a lot I need to talk about.

First of all, congrats to my buddies Josh Flygare, Gordon Dennis, and last but not least James Larsen on their awesome mission calls!!!!! I am soooo excited for all of you!

Second of all, I just saw my cousin Elder Mckell here at the MTC. We had lunch together and everything, it was so great to see him and talk for a while. It made me even more excited to get out to Mexico as soon as I can.

So that then leads me to my third item of business. Visas. They seem to be doing better. The district right above was supposed to leave for Mexico this last week, but that didnt happen. Yesterday 5 of the 8 got visas and the other 3 got reassigned for a transfer. So hopefully this is a good sign that atleast they are starting to go through again. If things get back on track we would normally be finding out in about a week or so when we are supposed to get our travel plans.

Fourth item of business, I knew that was Lincoln Peters! I heard it the first time and I just kept thinking that it had to be him. I feel like I know a celebrity. So ya say Romney has had a little bit of a drought? Oh well, hopefully he gets out of it rather quick though.

Thanks mom for the CTR ring, it fits great! I am planning on sending you the old CTR ring the old camera and just a few other things today, be looking for that. So Arizona ey? That sounds nice! I can't tell you how jealous I am of you to be out in the sun sitting by the pool. I really do love it here, but I just need to be outside every once and a while. Yesterday even though it was like 40 degrees we went and did our study outside because we just needed some sun and fresh air. Hope you have a great time there in Arizona.

So Mom, we tend to watch a lot of the Mormon Messages and the I'm a Mormon videos during breaks and when we don't really have a whole lot to do. There is this one lady on the I'm a Mormon named Patrice Arkins. Part of her story is that she is a singer and was Elphaba in Wicked in Australia. She sings a little bit on the video and it is beautiful! Could you look for me to see if she has any music that would be appropriate for a missionary?

So yeah this last week in Mission Conference, which is pretty much like Stake Conference, I got to sing the musical number. It was in the gym with all the 2000 or so missionaries and is a two hour meeting where an invited guest speaks, and then a member of the MTC Presidency and his wife and then President and Sister Brown. I sang the song His Outstretched Arms and was accompanied by my buddy Elder Gabriel Rivera from Puerto Rico who left for his mission in SLC on Monday. It was a whole lot of fun and I think that it went really well. I still have a lot of people coming up to me and telling me that I did a really good job and that they really enjoyed it. I was talking to Sister Nally (one of the counselors wife who is over all of the music) after the meeting. She was telling me how much she enjoyed it and that I needed to come audition again so that I could sing again before I leave. While we were talking, President Brown came up to her and said, "make sure he sings again, he is too good to only let him sing once". I got a good laugh out of that and many other comments that were made in the last couple of days. And then later that night, I played piano for Sister Donaldson with the song "I Have Not Seen, Yet I Believe" at the departure devotional. She did a great job and that is a great song. I actually sang that in Sacrament Meeting the week before. You should look it up, its a Sally Deford.

This last little bit we have been able to have some great devotionals and some great ones that we watched the video of. These last few weeks we have had Elder Holland, Elder Duncan of the Seventy, Clayton Christensen, Elder Jose Alonso of the Seventy (who happened to be this mission president of the Tijuana Mission), Elder Nelson (again), Elder Holland, and Richard C. Edgley from the Presiding Bishopric. So yeah, we have had some incredible talks given to us.

Yesterday, we watched a video of a talk by Elder Bednar from a few years ago where he talked about the promptings of the Spirit. he said, "Often times we wonder if what we are feeling or thinking is coming from the Spirit or if it is just us coming up with it". I have often thought that too, but his simple answer to it was, "Stop worrying about it." So many times people think they have to wait till they have an absolutely 100% sure answer or prompting from the Spirit. That is not true. Keep living your life. Often times we do not realize that it is necessarily the Spirit even telling us something to do, but it is. Stop worrying about it. Live your life in a way that the Spirit can guide you, and then it will.

Keep doing whats right, I love you all!
Elder Anderson

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