Friday, February 3, 2012

Howdy Howdy

Why hello there my dear loving family and friends! You guys are all just the best! So once again this was another great week full of wonderful experiences, funny moments, crazy people, and just great stuff.

Sounds like everything back home is going great! Glad to hear that Robby is doing great and starting to feel better. Maybe I will end up taking two suits down to Mexico, well that's if I ever get down there. Apparently they are having a lot of visa issues again. We have some people in our zone who are supposed to be leaving Monday for Mexico, but they don't have visa's yet. I find it really cool that Melanie is having those dreams. We really can learn so much from our dreams and I agree with you 100% that we all need to slow down, be still and listen.

Thanks everyone for your responses so far about your feelings about Reeds passing. It is incredible how something so hard can be made understandable and even better since we know the truthfulness of the gospel. We know where we came from, where we are going, and what our purpose is. We know who God and Jesus Christ really are in our lives and that truly makes all the difference.

Ok funny story. So this Tuesday was the 50th anniversary of the Missionary Training Program, so there was a big "jubilee" for it. Everybody said lots of important people were coming and that was true. So there is way too many missionaries to fit into the gym where they were holding it and they had another 300 or so more seats taken out for guests, so people were lined up for hours before so they could get a seat there. We were smart and just went and joined the choir for this week so that we would have reserved seats and not have to wait in line.

So we get in for the meeting and the time comes and they open the doors and in came Elder Nelson and Elder Holland. Everybody was so excited it was kinda funny. So President Brown got up and started the meeting... He said, "I have a few news announcements to make... By request of Elder Nelson, I would like to tell you that Brother Romney is winning the Florida election." I definitely got a good laugh out of that :) Elder Holland is by far the favorite Elder for all the missionaries. He only talked for about 10 minutes because he was the "Junior Companion" as he put it and was only there to share his testimony. After, Elder Nelson gave a great address about the Missionary Training Program and the MTC and prominent missionaries in church history. He then rededicated 5 buildings because of renovation. It was a great meeting!

So this week in our little Sunday school type meeting, one of the sisters got up and taught about the blessing it is to pray about and know truths. She reminded us of the ability we have to ask many times and receive answers many times. She related it to when we pray to know if God is there, if Joseph Smith was a Prophet, and if the Book of Mormon is true. It can only help us to ask again.

Me being my missionary self, I would like to challenge you guys to kneel down again, ask God these questions. Even if He has already told you the answer, He will let you know again. Pray, be receptive, get an answer, and strengthen your testimony. I did it this week and it has been such a blessing.

I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ and that we have a living prophet today in President Monson.

Love you guys soooo much!

Elder Anderson

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