Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dad...AARP? You are so old!

Hello lovely family of mine! 
I sure hope that you are all doing so well, cause once again, I sure am! Today has been yet another great day. 
The Temple was wonderful and the food there, just as wonderful. After that I came to start doing all the audition stuff. I ended up accompaning for three other people and I ended up not having any time for me to do an audition, so oh well, next week! But Mother, I decided to do the Be Still My Soul. That is a beautiful arrangement, I am definitely a fan. 
Mother, once again thank you thank you thank you sooo sooo soo much for that package! That was the best ever! Lets just say I am the envy of the district with all that chips and salsa :) That camera is way cool, I will send you the other back. Thanks!
So to recap the week a bit, Elder Maxwell and myself were trying to see if we could be hosts for the incoming missionaries because his two best friends (twins) were coming in on wednesday. So unfortunately we didn't get the invite... but wait, we were sitting in the lunch room on wednesday when they got on the intercom and said they were short on missionaries for hosting so whoever wanted to could come on down to the front but there were only a few spots left. Me and Elder Maxwell looked at each other, dropped our food, and ran for the front. Needless to say we were the first ones there and got to do it. Elder Maxwell got to see his friends and escort them to their classes and I got to see my best friend! You know, that kool kat Kendrick Kramer from madrigals! 
It was so funny! I was standing there on the side of the road and Iook in a car and there is Kendrick waving like crazy! So I ran down and met him and took him around. It was so funny. I really just couldn't stop laughing with having him there.
Well another quick question for whoever wants to figure this out for me... So there is this computer program here that we use everyday called TALL. It is supposed to help you learn Spanish grammer and pronunciation. So one of the things you do on it is listen to other people talk, and I swear one of the voices is Lincoln Peters. I just always think its way funny, but will someone ask and see if it really is him? Thanks :)
Well I am glad that everything with Robby went well this week! Wish him luck for me!
From what I hear it sounds like BYU and the Jazz are doing quite well this year. Hopefully it continues on! 
So Father... I can't begin to tell you how much joy your little letter about the AARP card gave me. Just think of it this way, just remember, you can now get discounts when you enter the National Forests and Parks and discounts at your favorite restaurants! That just sounds like so much fun! "Make the most out of life over 50!"
One thing that they keep talking a lot about here is the help that we have from the other side. Not only from the Holy Ghost, but also from those who have past on before us. I know that it could maybe be a hard thing to write, but I have felt a lot this week like I should ask for everybody's experiences with the night and days just after Reed died. Focus on what you felt, how you were comforted, and what helped you the most.
Well just remember I love you all! And so does God. He is always there for you, turn to Him in your hours of need, and He will be there to lift you up.
Love you all!
Elder Anderson
In response to Tommy's request of sharing your experiences of the night and days after Reed died would you please email those to me, and I will compile them and send them to him.   Thanks for your love and support!

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