Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hello my dear dear family!

Why hello there! I sure hope you guys are all doing beautifully. I'm still loving it here, so don't worry! What another wonderful wonderful week. A few quick things that I have been thinking about. Could you please send another CTR ring? I just really don't want this one of Reed's to either get lost or stolen while I am out here. Thanks for the package yesterday! I seriously have soo soo soo much candy that there is no way we will ever get through it! Although if you do ever want to send me something... I have been craving Chili's chips and salsa :) is that possible to send?

Anyway this week really has been great! Me and my companion have figured out how to work quite well with each other and so that has made all the difference. So lets see... So on sunday our fireside guy was Stephen B. Allen who is the managing director of the Mission department. It was a really good and fun fireside because he used to be the guy in charge of all those LDS Homefront tv commercials. So pretty much the whole time he spoke, we just watched those and then he would talk like for a minute max about each one. I got a lot of really good one liners out of that!

On Tuesday night the Devotional was with Elder Kevin R. Duncan of the Seventy. He really did a great job too. One thing that I love he talked about was to just smile. He said,l "if your happy, tell your face" and "smilling will improve your attitude and increase your success." The whole time I just kept thinking about that talk by Elder Wirthlin where he said, "Have you ever seen someone after you have made a bad driving mistake look at you as if you have insulted their mother, father, kids, and their dog?" He then taught that simple thing to do, "Learn to laugh." Really thats all we need to do. Attitude really is everything. Why do you think our family has done so well over the last couple of months? Its because we have learned to laugh. We have learned to pick out the good in our lives and be thankful for it.

Yesterday we taught in the TRC again and it was so great! We had this same old Granny that we had last time and she is really just the sweetest thing. I love her! The Spanish is coming along quite well and i feel like I am doing really well here all in all. I really have not had one once of homesickness while I have been here. The only thing that I really want is just a newspaper. I cannot tell you how much I miss being able to read the news...

So today we went to the temple and then through our laundry in. After I was supposed to go practice a song with two people (I am on some accompanist list that people can just come find me and I will play for them) when I just kept thinking, I want to audition today. So I went to go look at that list and as I was there somebody came up to me asking if I knew about opportunities to play the piano for anything, and I just said, "sure! You wanna play for me right now?" So we went and practiced for like 15 minutes and then went and auditioned. The people judging are the President and 1st councilors wifes and they were just so nice! I went in and I though it went pretty well. She just said I will be doing something soon and that I should prepare another song and come back and sing it next week for them! So who knows maybe I will get to do some cool stuff with that.

Well I love you all! I pray for you daily and I hope all is well! Just remember, I love letters :)

Have a great week!

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