Monday, April 2, 2012

Wasn't General Conference Just The Best!?!

Why hello there one and all! Hasn't this week just been wonderful!? General Conference really was amazing! I can proudly say that for the first time in my entire life I did not sleep one bit during any of these sessions of conference! I find that to be a great accomplishment for myself!

Glad to hear that everything is going great back at home. Still no word about the Visa, but that's alright cause I am loving it here in Colorado. Not to say that I am not way excited to get to Mexico though. There is an Elder here that I have talked to a few times that started out his mission in Tijuana until some rather unfortunate events happened to him... (He got hit by a car while walking and broke his leg). Well he has just been telling me all about the mission, and I am just way excited! The only worry that I have about going there is the heat! I am dying here in the 80 degree heat... I am gonna have so much fun in the 120 degree Mexicalli heat!

Thanks for the Conference Goodie bag by the way! Conference is not Conference without the caramel popcorn and the candy. So thank you!

It was fun not only to see the great talks given but also to see all the people that I knew in all the choirs! There was a lot that I knew from the MTC choir and then there were some in each of the other choirs. Saw Ross Garner during Priesthood session. There is not a week actually probably day that goes by that I do not see the Garner family. They are in soooooo many missionary books and pamphlets and stuff. They were even in pictures in the power points at the MTC. You know the pictures at our house? Yup.

So this week was exciting as always. Lots of biking, talking, knocking, working, serving, and lots of fun stuff! I really just loved Conference though! I think my favorite part of conference was Elder Andersen’s, "What does Christ think of me?" That is really all that is important. We need to focus our lives more now on not what does everyone else think of me, but what does Christ think of me.

Well I hope that you all have a awesomely loverly week!

Love you all!    

Elder Anderson

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