Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

Why hello there one and all!
Glad to see the Easter Bunny found Elder Tommy
Hope your Easter was just loverly.  It was great here in Pueblo West.

 Yesterday at Church I just loved to be able to sit, listen, and contemplate on all the things that our Savior did for us.  At Church there was an Elder who returned home and spoke.  He did a really great job and the lessons he taught were just what I needed.  We were later able to go to a baptism for the Elders in the 2nd ward which are the Elders that we do stuff with all the time.  It was really an incredible thing to see.  The Baptism was performed by a Father who just came back into full activity and baptized his two sons and his wife.  It was incredible to see families making these decisions and choices together which can help strengthen them and keep them together for all eternity.
So this week not a whole lot new has happened. We did a bit of service for some people. And did lots of tracting. I think a cool experience was though one time everything we had planned fell through and we had like a 45 minute block of time where we had nothing to do. So, we just got on our bikes and started riding. Not to any particular place, but just wherever we thought we should go. 

We ended up about 20 minutes away from our apartment and then all the sudden we just saw who we needed to talk to. So we got off our bikes and in their yard there was an elderly couple doing yardwork. We walked up to see if they needed any help. So I get up to them and say Hello, they turn around and the lady says, "are you the Mormons?" I replied yes not knowing what her response was gonna be. She then said, "I've been looking for you guys! I think that new church that you built over there is gorgeous and I just want to go!" She then said, "You wouldn't happen to have a Book of Mormon that you could spare? I've been wanting to read it." 

So as you can tell, the Lord really is blessing us in helping us find who we need to talk to. We are planing to go back and talk with her this week.

So this week in my studies I have been reading in Alma. I got to the part in chapter 46 where Moroni starts seeing the wickedness going on and raises the Title of Liberty. He then goes on to rally the people together in the cause of liberty and preserving the church. One of my new favorite verses of scripture is verse 21. It says, "And it came to pass that when Moroni had proclaimed these worsd, behold, the people came running... (making) a covenant that they would not forsake the Lord their God." Don't you just love that? Its not that Moroni tried rallying the people and a few of them responded saying yeah I guess I could do that, but Moroni proclaimed what was true, what was just, and what was needful and the people came running to help the cause. 

I just really hope that we can all focus on the cause so that we can come running when the time is needed.

Hope you all have an awesome week!
Love ya!
Elder Anderson

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