Monday, May 28, 2012

Why Are You Marching Son?

Well happy Memorial Day to one and all! I just barely realized like 2 hours ago that today is Memorial day because this is Mexico, and they don't have that holiday here.

Well anyways... Bienvenidos a Mexico!!!!!!   This has been one craaaaaazy week! But it has been sooo much fun.

Tuesday we flew out of Colorado to SLC and then to San Diego and then off we went to Mexico!! We got here into Mexico by about 2 and oh it is crazy/wonderful here.

President Carreon and his family are all great. We had lunch at the Mission Home and then we went to the office to have a little orientation and meet our new companions.

My companion is Elder Cordova from Puebla Mexico. He doesn't speak any English which is very nice/fun/difficult to communicate. But, that is what I was hoping for because it is forcing my mind to learn the language much faster. With every day I am feeling more and more comfortable with the language. Not to say that I know it now or I am really good at it, but I am beginning to understand more.

I am assigned to the fuentes ward in the Florida stake here in Tijuana. I think we are like 10 to 15 miles from the ocean, but I think that this is still technically Tijuana.

This week we spent a lot of time getting me used to the area we have and things such as that. We were right, it is a lot of walking! My guess is like 10 miles a day, but it is all hills... so when I get back my legs are gonna be beasts! :)

But things here are really just great! It is like I am in a completely different world. It has been a lot of fun trying to learn more about the Mexican culture and how things work here, because it is waaaaay different than America.

I have honestly never seen so much poverty in my life. It has been a very humbling experience to be here and to be able to help the people here. But hey, this is why "I am marching". I am marching to proclaim the truth of God. The blessings that he has offered us. And the opportunities to create a new life for each of ourselves. This is why I am here, and I am so glad to be able to do what I can here.

Mexico is really fun though. It is pretty warm and the sun is strong, but we still get a breeze from the ocean which is nice and cool. The food is actually pretty good and my body is even liking it too so far.

Well I gotta go, but next week I will spend more time writing the letter and explaining more about what is going on here in Mexico. Just know that it is great, I love it, and I am safe!

Hope you all have a great great wonderful week! I love you all!

Elder Tommy Anderson

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  1. Elder Anderson, it is so great to see you made it to the Mission you have been assigned to. TJ is really a different place. I know the Lord will guide you to many wonderful & humble people in his vineyard just south of our borders. They are truely a wonderful people to work with. Carry on!!!!


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