Monday, June 4, 2012

Why Hello There One and All!

Why hello there one and all! I hope you have all had such a wonderful week and are all being the best missionaries you can. But anyway, this week has been a lot of fun. It has gone by a lot faster than the previous, I think because I am getting the Spanish more, and it isn't all just so crazy to me anymore. It is crazy though the difference that one little line on the earth can make, this really is a completely different world. But I love it here!

First of all, let me just start off by saying, Father, that is quite the story! I don't think I could ever have even come up with a story like that! I am glad to see that you have a picture of it all too! Hopefully, that lady will learn a thing or two before she tries to do something like that again!

Well this last Monday after I wrote, we went and visited with the familia Coca. They are a family of 5 who have been interested in the church, and their desires to change have been growing and growing ever since the missionaries began meeting with them. So that night they all accepted a date to be baptized!! But, there are a few challenges and hurdles to jump in the way first. First of all, they need to get married. Second of all, he needs to make up his mind that he will be alright not having his servaisa every other month. But I know that this family will get baptized, just not quite sure on the when. But we are planning on meeting with them again this week.

We also were able to get two others with a date. One is the wife of a man who just got baptized two weeks ago. And the other is a cousin of one of the members here in the ward. So at one point this week we had 7 people with dates for baptism... but none of them are really that solid, we are just doing all we can to help work with them to realize what they need.

One thing that is quite nice here that is a huge difference from Colorado, is people will actually listen to us! I actually enjoy going out and knocking doors, or gates, or whatever it may be that we knock. This week from contacting 30 people, we have 8 new investigators. It has actually quite fun to do this.

I am just hoping and praying that the Spanish can come along faster so that I can really help people out more and understand their concerns. That is one thing that I love about teaching Juan Carlos, he is the cousin of a member in the ward. He lived in the US for 15 years and so he knows English really well. Well anyways, when we teach a lot of the times, he will ask me a question in English, I think it is to just make sure that I am saying the same stuff his cousin does, but it is nice to be able to actually understand 100% and help out as much as I can. But, I know that with time and with the continued perseverance to learn, the Spanish will come.

This morning, I was watching a little Old Testament DVD and it was talking about the story of Moses found in the first chapter of Moses, where he is taken to a high mountain and talks with God face to face and then is shown everything of the world, its people, and its beauty. But after this incredible spiritual moment, Satan appears himself to Moses and tempts him with all the treasures of the earth. Even with all this great temptation and pressure, Moses found a way out. He prayed for strength. He pleaded for help. And the help came.

Many times we are on these spiritual highs and we think that nothing can stop us, but as always, the temptations will come. But with help from on high we can defeat the powers of below. As Elder Holland has said, "When the second, and third, and fourth blows come, fear not, the Lord shall fight for you." Not only will the Lord help you, or be on your side, but the Lord truly will be fighting for you. All we need to do is ask for it.

Well I hope all is going well and you all are doing wonderfully. Just remember who you are and act accordingly!

Love ya!
Elder Anderson

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