Monday, June 18, 2012

"Come And See"

Well happy happy fathers day (yesterday)!!!!!!!  I hope that your day was filled with wonders and joy. We had a pretty good fathers day here in good old Tijuana.

This week has been pretty good! On Friday we had a great zone conference, where we learned a lot about how to work with the ward mission leader and all of the members in the ward. This is so essential and I am glad we spent time talking about it. We were able to talk about all these things with the ward council yesterday and everyone is really excited to start doing more and trying to really be missionaries! So we are very excited about that. It was fun to see their desire grow as we talked about it.

One thing that I loved from the zone conference was what Sister Carreon talked about. She taught about testimonies. How we should give them, when we should give them, and simply put; just what is a testimony. A testimony is your beliefs. It is what you know not only in your head, but in your mind. She taught about how when we give our testimonies, honestly, we shouldn't waste our time on the unimportant jokes, or stories that don't really make sense. A testimony is a testimony. I just really liked that.

Well yesterday we had another 2 baptisms! I'm sad I can't send a picture, but I don’t trust this computer I am using...The two were the two daughters of the Familia Coca. They were both very excited to be able to enter into this path, they just wish that their whole family could do it. We are hoping and praying that this will help soften the heart of their dad.

There is a lot of potential here in this area and we are really excited to get to work this week and find the elect!

This week I have been reading in my spare time `Jesus the Christ`. This book is incredible!!!! But this week there is something that really stood out to me. I was reading about when Jesus Christ first started his ministry and John the Baptist was testifying of him. Two of the followers of John anxiously followed Jesus wanting to learn for themselves if this man really was to be the Messiah. Jesus recognized the two and turning asked, "What seek ye?" they in return replied "Rabbi, where dwellest though?" and Jesus simply said to them, "Come and See."

This is an invitation that is given to all, to come and see where dwellest Jesus. To come and see if he really is the Messiah, the Christ. If we are in doubt of what the gospel means to us, we are invited to "come and see". If we don't know where Christ is to be found, then "Come and See."

I hope that you all have a great week full of searching. A week full of learning who is Jesus Christ.

Just as Jesus Christ invited Andrew and John, I invited you to "Come and See".

Elder Anderson

Pictures: Diego is a young man in the ward that Elder Tommy is serving in.  He posted these pictures on facebook yesterday. 

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