Monday, June 25, 2012

Why Hello There...

He was so excited about the JELL-O

Why hello there! I sure hope that you all had a great week full of love, joy, and missionary work.

This was a really fun week for us here in Fuentes. Last Monday our Stake President took all of us missionaries in the stake (18) to a Chinese buffet. Oh it was sooo good! I am quite sure that the restaurant lost quite a bit of money on us that day.

This week we were honestly blessed to see some great miracles. One that I love is one of our investigators named Armando. His wife and son were baptized a few months ago, but he didn't want to because he loved to smoke and drink. We stopped off at their house this week because he is on vacation from work and guess what? He has decided to stop smoking and drinking and wants to get baptized! So we now have 2 dates for this coming Sunday.

This morning we headed for downtown Tijuana to go to the border and finish up my visa stuff. It was pretty weird being pretty much feet from the USA. It was a lot of fun though seeing everyone from the MTC.

Yesterday we were able to watch a satellite transmission of the Presidency of the Area. It was all about reactivating and temple work. It was sooo good. President Johnson pretty much just called everybody to repentance for not doing their part and helping those who need the help. There was a quote though that I loved. He said, "Para Dios, no hay muertos, solo estan en un lugar differente." So pretty much, to God there is no difference between those Spirits who are here are alive or dead, all need the saving ordinances of the gospel. I thought that that was just an awesome thing. We all need to do our part no only with spreading the gospel here on the earth, but also doing the work in the temples for those who can’t do it.

Sorry the letter is a little short today, gotta run. Hope you all have a great week! Love ya!

Elder Tommy Anderson

The Elder's frequent Tako Sport. Glad to see he is keeping up on his grilling skills.

And he asked us to send some more ties!  I count 48 ties and we sent him another 5, oh my.

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