Monday, August 27, 2012


Hello there one and all!

I hope you have all had a great week. This week has been wonderful here. Just so you know, I am currently watching the President Monson's Birthday Concert, it is sooooo good! If you haven't watched it... you should!

So first of all a little shout out to Jenn and Kristen whose birthday's were this week! Love ya!

So yeah, this week has just been grand. It started out with the baptism of Hiram and Isaac Rivera on Tuesday. It was just so great! Both their parents were able to come and we are now working with them to see how we can help them out. The Gospel is just amazing, the way it changes peoples lives is just incredible.

It was pretty funny though, the clothes that we had, I thought were gonna be too small for them, but actually they were way too big. We ended up using their shoelaces that were white as a belt for the pants. But yeah, it all went great.

So yeah, yesterday I lived through like 5 earthquakes. It was quite exciting!

This week we had companionship exchanges and I went to Terrazes again with Elder Rushton and it was great. We watched The Other Side of Heaven in one of the lessons. So good! I was able to learn some good stuff over there with him.

So on Friday morning, we were just sitting there doing our normal studies and it was about 9:00 when we get a call from our District leader freaking out telling us to get ready. So apparently, our zone leaders forgot to tell our district that we had zone conference in Insurgentes at 9:00... so we all got ready way fast and the other elders were able to get a ride for us and we headed out to zone conference.

The conference was great and was based a lot on the Book of Mormon and working with Members. So apparently soon, we are no longer going to be contacting and the work will be purely through the members. Quite exciting. But we will see how it works...

One thing that just stuck out to me so much was we watched the Mormon Message of Elder Nelson when he was in the airplane telling how he was able to deal with what was happening because of his knowledge of the gospel. I hope you can all get on and watch this video. It is just incredible.

Well I gotta go but I love you all! Adios!

Elder Tommy Anderson

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