Monday, August 20, 2012


Howdy there one and all! Sorry I don’t have a whole lot of time.

This week was quite the week, Elder Cordova left, Elder Rodriguez came, we had the groundbreaking ceremony of the temple, stake conference, and just some other cool stuff.

Elder Rodriguez is a great Elder. He is pretty shy or well just doesn’t talk very much. But that is alright, I feel like my Spanish has improved so much this week.

Tomorrow we have the baptism of 2 young men name Hiram and Isaac. Way excited for that! It has been too long!

This week we had two crazy rain storms that came out of nowhere. Luckily we were inside for most of them.

We had the stake conference yesterday and it was just sooo good! President Carreon and his wife came as well as the 2nd counselor from the Temple Presidency in San Diego. It is extremely difficult to get a visa so most of the members here go to Hermosillo to the temple. It is a 13 hour bus drive, they stay the night in the bus, work in the temple for a day, and then drive all through the night.

The temple ground breaking ceremony was just sooo cool. It was really hot, a lot of people, and just awesome! The missionaries from our stake and another stake were able to be the ushers.  I burnt the back of my neck from standing in the same spot for 5 hours. We were guarding the emergency exit, but that is ok because it was right in the middle and I was on the front row.

Yesterday at stake conference one of the speakers reminded me of the quote of Elder Scott who said, "Always touch the temple, so that it can touch you." We have been so lucky to live in a place with so many temples. The temples are an incredible place of peace and refuge. Never forget how great we have it.

Well sorry I got to go. I love you all soooo much!

Elder Tommy Anderson

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