Monday, October 29, 2012

Walking With Purpose...

I am saluting the flag if you cannot tell.
Why hello my friends and family.

I would like to first start by congratulating a few wonderful things. First of all Ms. Whitney Kelly who as I heard did a wonderful job just before she is about to depart for her mission. Second. To Miss Emma Jane Lloyd who turned in her mission papers!!!!!! And thirdly. To the BYU football team, who finally won a good game.

This week was a pretty good one! We had some success and the ward started helping out a little tiny bit more, so that is one small step in the right direction. This week we started working with a family whose son or brother just left on his mission who before weren't open to listening, but now are. It has strengthened my testimony once again that everyone has their moment and their time. We just need to be constantly on the lookout, ready for when they are.

This week we were able to do companionship exchanges with the zone leaders. I went to their zone with Elder Alvarez who goes home in one more week. It was really just great. I learned a lot of things with them and have since been able to apply them here in Postal.
As you can see, as we were walking I found myself right next to almost United States soil and the Consulado.
We have 3 absolutely awesome people that we are working with right now that are so ready to get baptized and are so willing to do it, but none of them are married and it is becoming difficult to do that. Some having legal issues, others financial, but we are praying that things may quickly be resolved so that these people may soon be able to start enjoying more abundantly the incredible blessings of God.

So you might ask why the subject line above. So this week Elder Hernandez and I were leaving the neighborhood Oxxo (which is pretty much like a gas station) when we noticed a bunch of young high school or college aged students mainly of the female gender outside holding up signs that said free hugs and were hugging everyone passing by... Elder Hernandez and I just looked at each other and thought, what are we gonna do!?

So we put our trust in the Lord, opened the door, and walked with purpose right through everyone. I felt kinda bad because hey they are just trying to be nice and do some nice things, but we just couldn't. Haha. But then later on I started thinking about that a little bit more. In life, there are so many things going on. So many temptations that satan is trying to pull us into. So many things that are just not right.

Often times we take our journey of life as if we walking through the park or the backyard, not really paying attention. It is in these moments that bad things can well, just happen. We need to know who we are. We need to hold strong to what we believe. We need to walk with purpose.

I hope this letter gets to you all in great shape. Know that I love you and am constantly praying for you. This week especially for those of you in the east. Be safe. I love you all so much.

Elder Tommy Anderson

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