Monday, October 22, 2012

No More Knocking....

Why hello there! I hope that everyone has had a wonderful wonderful week wherever you are.
This week was once again a pretty gosh darn good week.

So I forgot to tell ya, but we have a scale in our new apartment and it says that I am weighing 175... just so you know. Haha well anyways I forgot to say also that we have been having some How to Study the Scriptures classes as well as English classes here in the church that we have been teaching. It is quite funny teaching English, I really hope I don’t have as bad of an accent in Spanish as they do in English...

So as the subject of this letter says, we have received the news that there will be no more knocking on doors or contacting in not just this mission, but now in ALL of Mexico. That was quite the announcement for us and will require us to work in completely different ways. I am excited to try and figure out how to excite this ward to get to work. We are working with a new plan which is a family mission plan, but we haven’t really seen any advances with this.... So if anyone has any ideas of how to excite a ward to do some missionary work, I would love to know!

So it is great to hear that so many girls are now filling out their applications for their mission! We have 4 in this ward I believe that are working on theirs.

This week we had a few advances that were really good with some of our investigators, one is growing his testimony, another has paid to be able to get married, others are now progressing that previously weren’t and well there are just some good stuff going on here.

So one thing that I have thought is really interesting here in Mexico, is that until about 20 years ago in the schools here they were teaching a story about a white bearded man who showed up to the ancient inhabitants of Mexico and promised them that he would return. There are so many people who hear the story of the Book of Mormon who then say, I already knew that, they taught me that in elementary. I just thought that was really interesting.

So yesterday we ended up going to the normal Sunday school and they were talking about 3 Nephi 3 and 4 and I just loved these chapters. They were talking of how all the Gadianton Robbers started banding up and coming against the people, and then it talks of how the people combated the problem, they had to unite together and work as one. I loved that idea. In a world today that is so one minded, we need to unite and become one. One in mind, one in purpose, one in hear, one in the faith.

I hope and pray that we can all become united and do what we should do so that we, like the Nephites, in this time and story can come off conqueror of all who come against us.

I love you all so much! Have a great week. Love ya!

Elder Tommy Anderson

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