Monday, December 17, 2012


Why hello there one and all!

Well this has just been one incredible week. Lets see, where do we start? So this week we had a great FHE with Sarah y Sergio and Janet y Louis. Sarah has been incredible about inviting new people to church. She is going to be such a strong member when she gets married in like 2 months! I hope I can go back for it!

Lets see. This week we had some great success with Elder Garay. He is such a great Elder and I am going to miss him a lot.

Lets see, well to get down to business I got transferred today. I am heading back to the stake where I got started and I am going to be training and be District Leader. My companions name is Elder Lundburg and he is from Logan. I am way excited for things to get going. We had some fun training today at the offices. Honestly it is incredible the mission.

Last week I had mentioned how I slept the night at the assistants house. While they were there they told me everything that I was gonna be transferred and with whom I was gonna go. And well when the time came this morning and President announced the transfers it was all different. I asked some of the assistants about it and they just told me that President felt impressed this morning to change me.

It is incredible to see how it isn't just us directing this work. This work is directed by the Lord. I am so proud to be a part of it and I love being here. I’m sorry the letter is short this week but I gotta get going.

I love you all so very much. Have an incredible week! Love ya!

Elder Tommy Anderson
Some incredible food that we ate!

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