Monday, December 10, 2012

Great week here in Postal!

Why hello there one and all! Before I say anything, I just want to say congrats to my most dearest Mother and Father who complete 28 years of marriage this 13th of December (Thursday)... Congrats!!!!! You guys are just the best! 
Well this was quite the week. It was a tough one, but it turned out really well. Well to just start from the beginning, on Monday we had a great time and we went to Applebees!!!!! Oh it was sooooo delicious! I ordered a Parmesan shrimp covered steak. Oh it was so delicious. That is all I will talk about food... oh wait, this week I also tried something new for the first time... and its not very good. It is called "menudo" which means cow stomach. Not my favorite Mexican plate I have tried... 
So anyways this whole transfer we have been putting a whole lot of emphasis on our members and helping them get a little better at understanding what is missionary work and why they should do it. And we are starting to see some great changes in the ward! Yesterday we had 9 non members at church! We brought some, some of the members, and even one of our investigators all brought people. It is just oh so great!!! We are starting to see some great success here. On Tuesdays the ward does ward family nights and this week it was our turn to be in charge so we had a great lesson about mission work and that helped everyone out a lot I think. 
So yesterday we had a fun ward choir rehearsal after church. Pretty much the whole ward is part of the choir and it actually sounds really well! The best I have ever heard the members from here! So this week also all the young single adults from the stake spent their Saturday morning here in the sobre ruedas here in our area contacting everyone. We were able to receive a lot of referrals and well we are really excited to visit them all this week and see what we can do! 
So the concert deal is going along really well. We are gonna be doing two concerts on the 23rd of December. Last night, one of my zone leaders and I did companionship exchanges and then headed down to the mission offices where we worked with one of the assistants on the program of the concert. It was a lot of fun. We ended up staying the night with the assistants and the secretaries. I also was able to use a bit of my photoshop skills while there to help them out with some of the Christmas stuff they are doing for the mission. All in all it was a great fun night. Wonderful stuff going on. 
So as you know, I have always been just such a fan of Christmas time and well this year is no difference. The season is absolutely incredible when we realize and remember why we celebrate it. I am so especially thankful for this chance to be here in the mission this Christmas season. It is incredible to testify every single day of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I hope you all embrace the season and always think of the real reason why we celebrate it. 
Have a great week and remember who you are! I love you all sooo sooo much!
Elder Tommy Anderson

These are the Sobre Ruedas that I talk about. Delicious Fruit and Vegetables right outside our front door.

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