Monday, December 3, 2012

Why Hello There!

Why hello there! 
I hope you are all had a great first official week of the Christmas season. 
This week has been great for us here in Postal. We had a lot of success and a lot of new things going on. We have started working A LOT more with the members and well it is starting to pay off. It is also great because we can also see now how the members want to help us out more and work with us than before. One thing we did with some members this week was just go with them and knock on all the doors of their neighbors. We had a few potentials come out of that! 
This week we found one new person really cool. His name is Jesus. He actually got baptized like 7 or 8 months ago, but the day of his baptism had a bunch of really strange dreams and never came back to church or his confirmation. He contacted us and said he is ready to come back and be confirmed. We talked to our leaders and because so much time has passed that he needs to be baptized again. Quite an interesting situation. So in total we have 3 people preparing for a baptism. They are all really cool and really prepared. 
This week we did some fun divisions with the priests in the ward and we had some success. One of the youth also bought me some churros with some really hot hot hot sauce. It was delicious. By the way I am right now listening to the past Tabernacle choir Christmas concerts, and they are just incredible!  
So Sunday was by far my favorite day of the week. Church was great and the members were all just wonderful. The Chapel was full BEFORE the meeting even started. After church we had lunch with the Familia Ramos. They are all so great and all love music. Lets just say we had a great time standing around the piano singing Christmas songs in 4 part harmony. Oh that just made my ears so happy! We ended with singing a very beautiful arrangement of O Holy Night. Good stuff. 
Afterward, we were able to go to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. It was so incredible. I loved all the talks and the music. I loved the theme of being good receivers. After the devotional, we had a stake missionary meeting. We started it and litteraly 2 minutes later, the assistents called and said we all had to go straight to our houses for the night because the Xolos (the professional soccer team here in Tijuana, pronounced cholos) just won the championship of Mexico. It is pretty much equal to the super bowl from the US. So we all left and well it was all calm there was nothing going on. But well it was a great story. 
So this morning I remembered about the Christmas countdown that was sent me for my birthday and I opened up the first three. Thank you so much! I love this thing with the quotes and the letters and well, your all just the best. 
Well just to finish off, I would like to finish with a few roughly translated quotes from President Monson last night, "Let the Christmas season enter your hearts." and "We must all take our spiritual trip to Bethlehem with a sincere and loving heart to give as our gift the the Lord Jesus Christ." 
Well I hope that you are all having an absolutely incredible week! I love you all sooooo much! Just remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas. 
I love you all so much. Cuidense!
Elder Tommy Anderson

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