Monday, March 25, 2013

Why Hello There!

Why hello there! How are you all doing this week? Happy Easter this week!! This week has been just swell! We have had a lot of success and have found some really cool new investigators that are progressing. The only problem is that nobody came to church on Sunday so that was pretty tough, but we are getting over it and helping all the investigators understand the doctrine and necessity of church attendance. So last Monday was pretty cool. We went downtown with some a part member family here from the ward and drove by the beach, had some fish tacos, and a delicious thing called raspados. And then we bought some super cool aligator skin boots! They are super cool! 
The boots. They are Caiman it is some sort of type of alligator.
We had some pretty interesting experiences this week and there were definitely just some moments that were one hundred percent just guided and ran by the Spirit. We had a great district meeting and later zone conference about the need and use of the scriptures. I am so thankful for this lesson which was taught because I learned so much and I feel so strengthened with this new emphasis that I have of reading the scriptures. We one lesson with a member who came with us and we had an incredible lesson about the Atonement and repentance. I am so thankful for Jesus Christ and all He did. He is incredible. We were able to help out a inactive family also this week and get them back to church after many problems. We also had some other awesome visits with a member to visit some innactives she knew. We showed up to one house and the brother was just completely wasted from all the alcohol. She was just telling him without reservation how he was ruining and destroying his life. I love members like that who stand firm in their beliefs and aren't afraid to share them.
Outside of the Tijuana Cultural Center
But wow. Can you believe it has already been two years since Reed passed away? It doesn't seem too long ago when we would be together picking on Suzy or Melissa, or working on some project. I often find myself looking back to fond memories and seeing all the great things he was able to accomplish in his life. I find it incredible to look back and see how strong and stalwart Reed was especially through all his sicknesses and pains. 2 Corinthians 12:10 says, "Therefore, I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distress...: For when I am weak, then am I made strong." None of us ever wants to suffer, have pains or afflictions, but Reed understood the plan of our Heavenly Father that when we are weak, then He can make us strong.

I am pretty sure each and everyone of us at some point in our lives have hit rock bottom, but I am here to testify  to you that when we are there is when God can really mold us into what He needs us to be. Reed was molded, Reed was refined, until God said his work was done. I know that just like Reed, every single one of us has a divine purpose. We are continually being led and guided towards that purpose, but it is our responsibility to do as Reed did and accept the will of God, look for the best, and keep moving forward.

The lines of the song I Know That My Redeemer Lives often roll through my mind. "I know that my Redeemer lives, triumphant Savior, Son of God. Victorious over pain and death, My King, My leader, and my Lord." I give so much thanks for the knowledge we that we have here in the Gospel that Jesus really is the Christ and that he has suffered everything, including death for each of us. At the end of this verse I find myself putting the words "and my friend" there aswell. Who else other than such an incredible Friend as this could and would pay such a price for each and every one of us. I know that through that Great Friend and the incredible plan of our Father in Heaven that Reed still lives, and that we shall see him again if we only will live according to what they ask of us. Christ is the Beacon. He will lead us to the eternal life. He is the "bright hope that comes beyond the veil of death".

I remember the night that Reed died, it was really tough. I did not know what to do. I didnt understand why, but I found a peace that was and is uncomparable to anything else. The third verse of the hymn reads, "Oh, give me Thy sweet spirit still, the peace that comes alone from thee, the faith to walk the lonely road, that leads to thine eternity." The peace that comes from Christ is unlike any other thing. I know that it is only through that peace and comfort of Him that we were able to get through it all. And I know that it will only be through Him that we can endure to the end. Reed lives because Christ lives. The plan of God is real, and thanks to it, we will be with Reed again.

I love you all so much,
Elder Tommy Anderson
This is a wonderful homeade no bake cheesecake with danish desert on top Thank you Suzy!!!

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