Monday, April 8, 2013

What another just spectacular week!

Elder Tommy's District

Coming from downtown Tijuana, I give you a very cordial, "Why hello there"! (Thats for you Dad). Wow. What a week! Wasn't this just such a great week!? There was just so many great incredible things that happened. It honestly was one of the best weeks that we have had in quite some time. Even though it is a cloudy, rainy, windy day I am having a blast and we are doing great.  This is the last week before transfers again, so it is time to make sure that I work at 110% and that we don't loose any time in working here in this area as a companionship. 

So as you know this week was General Conference. We had a great turn out from less actives and non members that we have been visiting. It was really cool to teach people about prophets and what it is that they really do and then to tell them that we had the opportunity to listen to the Prophet of God, it was a pretty cool experience! This week we were able to have a lot of success with the members also. We were able to receive many referrals and to find lots of new investigators through them. We are excited with some of the planes we have for this week to work more with the active members. I feel like missionary work was such a big point emphasized during general conference and I think that all those that listened to the talks are going to be very motivated and excited to do these things that our Prophet told us.

So right now we are teaching 2 kids from a less active family who have now been these last two weeks! R. and A. will both be getting baptized this week! I am so thankful that we are having some success and that we are being able to help the children of God enter into his way. 

I am honestly so thankful for General Conference though. It was incredible! I learned so much and was just so enlightened by everything that was said. I feel like the big main points of the conference were missionary work, obedience, and the importance of the family. These are three great topics that we can all apply to our lives. I think my favorite talk of it all was President Monson’s about obedience. I loved his story and honestly just his testimony of the importance of being obedient. It is quite funny, a lot of times when we do something that is not "obedient" we think that it is something that will make us happy, but soon comes that sadness, pain, and grief. One thing that I have learned in my short life is that if you want to be happy, keep the commandments and be obedient in all things.

This week I did some companionship exchanges with the zone leaders and we were visiting one of our investigators that has decided he didn’t really want more. We were teaching the word of wisdom and when he realized that some of the things he was doing wasn’t in correspondence with this commandment he kinda shut down. He came to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter what he does in his life; if he be rich or poor, keeps the commandments or not, God is always there. As he said, "God is under the rocks and on the sides of the trees. He is everywhere and God is always with me." Elder Holm asked him a really interesting question that has made me think all week, he said, "Ok, we understand that God will always be with you... but are you with God?" That question kinda stopped him in his tracks and couldn’t deny. I loved how General Conference taught that the only way that we can be with God and come closer to him is by keeping his commandments and being obedient to his word. I have made it my new slogan, "be with God" so that I can always remember what it is that I need to do and how I need to act. I know God loves us and thats why he gives us commandments. I love you all and hope that each of you are "with God". If not, get with Him.

Love ya! Have a great week.
Elder Tommy Anderson

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