Monday, April 15, 2013


Why hello there!!!!! How in the world are you all doing? Sorry for straying away from my usual introduction last week, but by guidance of some outside sources I was told to do otherwise. But don't worry, I´m back! 

Well as ya´ll knew transfers came this week and yup, I left good old Florido. I am now the financial secretary here in the offices. I am pretty excited to be able to be here. I will be able to learn a lot. And quite possibly a trip or two to the San Diego Templo! So, I just got here this morning, and they are just training me on everything about how to use the systems and all that I need to do. Apparently, we work here in the offices every day except saturday and sunday till 2. I am also staying as a district leader here, so that will all be lots of fun!

This last week in las Villas with Elder Lundberg was great! We were able to do a ton of great work, and we had two baptisms!!! R. and A. are two girls from a previously less active family. We have been helping the whole family get back and even their inactive moms and grandma spoke at their baptismal service. We also are helping 3 other grandkids that are there to get baptized in the coming weeks. 

I feel as if I left the area in a great status. There are many investigators, a good teaching pool, and also great confidence now between the members and the missionaries. Elder Lundberg is going to do a great job there and I am very happy for him. It was kinda sad leaving the area and saying goodbye to all the converts and members. I grew very close to the people in that ward. I'm gonna miss them. 

So yesterday morning, we were out passing by for investigators before church started when a member called us and said he wasn’t going to be able to teach the class of Gospel Principles and asked if we could take care of it. So, we very quickly prepared a class and this week the class was on the Atonement. I love the chance to teach Gospel Principles every once and a while because it helps you remember back to the basics. You learn not just the what, but you learn the why and how also. 

So we were able to teach of the incredible power of the Atonement, of what really is the Atonement, and how it applies to our lives. I was reminded of a scripture that Presidente Carreon has used a few times in his trainings. In Juan 14, Jesus talks about how He is the "Light, the Life, and the Way". In spanish, the word way is camino. So we often talk about how it is the Jesus Christ taught us the way. A path that we need to work on and won’t just come easy. In spanish the word for bus is camiĆ³n. So basically what President talks about is how Jesus Christ is the way, not the bus. Lots of people think that thanks to what Jesus Christ did, we are all saved. All we need to do is accept Him in our lives get on the bus and then He will take us to Eternal Life. But as we know, that is not true. Jesus Christ taught that He is the Way. The way is straight and narrow. It is not easy, but it is possible. We must stick to the Iron Rod if we want to receive the full blessings of the Atonement. I invite you all to stick to that Iron Rod. Read your scriptures daily, pray always, go to church every Sunday, and remember who you are and act accordingly. 

I am so thankful for the opportunity to be here in the mission and teach that every day. We are very blessed to be here on the earth at this time. I love you all so much and am so thankful for your support and guidance. 

Elder Tommy Anderson

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