Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Birthday

Why hello there! How have you all been this week!?  First of all I would like to wish a gigantic HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mother dear, Melissa, and Grandpa Apostol!!!!!! May this year just be the best one yet for each of you! This week has just been another great week for the records. It has been a lot of fun learning everything here and getting used to all of the differences here. I am super happy to be here in the office, I am learning a ton and having a ton of fun. Presidente is quite the funny man. I am excited to be able to learn more here from him and all the rest. 

This week honestly was just a blast. I feel like I am learning well, but there is just a ton. I just barely got out of a 2 hour conference call with all of the Mexican missions about health care and that was just a blast. haha. But really there is just so many cool things. It is absolutely incredible all of the things and programs that the church has for all of this sort of financial stuff. They seriously do think of everything! It is the best ran organization in the world! 
So on wednesday our zone had our turn to  have interviews with president. It was honestly just so cool. He made me feel just so great and so welcome to be here in the offices. He was telling me about how much the opportunity here in the offices will help me and change me in my life. It is completely true. I am already just having some incredible experiences and memories here. One of the things that really stood out to me, was some counsel he gave me. Ever since I found out I was coming here and taking care of the finances of the mission, I started praying and praying so that I would be able to learn the things quick and complete. In the interview, he taught me about the gift of learning and how that is a gift from God that can be obtained. I have been studying and praying all day long so that I will be able to receive that gift and I feel as if I am starting to receive it. The blessings and help of God really are just incredible. 
On wednesday we had the opportunity to have a baptism with our investigator here in the new area. She was super happy and felt great about everything. One of the coolest things was to see how this ward just embraced here and are doing all they can to help here feel good and comfortable here in the church. That is one of the biggest needs for the converts is that they feel comfortable and wanted there in the church. I am super happy to see that this ward is doing great with that. 

I am so thankful for the chance to be here in the mission and to represent the Lord. This has just been the best time of my life. And there is a reason why. There is a quote by President Hinckley when he asked everyone, "Do you want to be happy? If so, do missionary work!" It is so true! And I invite you all to do the same. If you want to be happy, do some missionary work and you will feel great!

Have a great week and remember who you are!

Elder Tommy Anderson

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