Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why hello there! How in the world are you all doing this fine day? Sorry, I wasn't able to write yesterday, it was just a crazy day. We had so much work going on and so we just didn't have time. But all is good now. This was yet again, just a great week. I am getting down the area and getting to know the ward. We are definitely working on more than anything in finding new investigators. 

We had a few cool experiences this week. We at church on sunday during the second hour when Bishop calls us into his office and some lady is there. He told us that he had had the impression he needed to talk with her and felt that he needed to talk to her about baptism. She is somebody who has been going to church for many years weekly, has given lunch to the missionaries, and come to find out she never got baptized. All of my companions thought that she was already a member from how she acts and participates at church. She decided that now is the time and that she wants to get baptized, so we are now working with her. 

We also had a cool miracle this week. There is a couple who has been coming to church for many years who haven’t been able to get baptized because one is still married to a previous spouse and the divorce suit wont go through, well the ward has been fasting for them for the last couple weeks and lo and behold they now have appointments with the judge this coming week. It is incredible to see how God is working and how he really does care for each and every one of His children. He has His time for everyone also. I just feel privileged to be a part of this and to help Him in His cause. 

So as office people, we have a weekly staff meeting which is with all of us secretaries, the assistants, the President and his wife. In this meeting there is like a 15 minute discussion of doctrine by President every week. This week he talked to us about faith. As the scriptures teach us, belief, is the basis of faith. Because when we have belief, it leads to faith. But what makes the difference? The difference is work. We may believe in many things, but unless we try to strengthen that belief into a knowledge through our works, it will never become faith. As President described to us, a belief leads to works, which brings faith. Once we have faith, that brings hope. Which then leads us back again to more belief, more works, and then yet again an ever increasing faith. I hope you all can work on your belief. Change it to faith with works and then the hope of a better life will come.

Well this week really has been great and I am looking forward to another one. 

I love you all.  
Elder Tommy Anderson

Classic missionary view picture that we all love to see

A funny hospital called the Hospital of Health

A funny dog that we walk always see

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