Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Goals Shape Our Lives

Why hello there! How are you all doing this fine wonderful day? Today is a nice sunny day here and it is twenty degrees celsius. It has been a pretty good week and things are just going great here in the office and our area. But it has been a pretty exciting crazy last week. Thanks to transfers. Monday and tuesday we were here in the offices all day long working and then most of the day wednesday and just lots of work this week. But it was pretty fun. The only bad thing about it is that we didnt have all that much time to be there in our sector working. That was definitly the downfall of the week. As you can tell in the picture that I sent we worked really hard and some of us in the companionship had a hard time staying awake this week :)

Well starting first with the funny story of the week... So the other night I was talking with Elder Bryce, one of my companions, while I was making some oatmeal when a spider started crawling on his arm and he started freaking out. And so I of course was just laughing my head off all content as I just take care of that little spider for him. Honestly, like 30 seconds later, I am standing by the counter making the oatmeal when I feel something on my shoe. As I look down I encounter a little furry friend running away. As you know, I am not a fan of mice. And so I started freaking out and jumping all over the place. It was such bad karma! Just so you know I have plans today of buying rat poisen sticky traps and all other sort of mouse traps I can find. 

Remember last week I was talking about a family that a less active member brought? Well we were able to visit them this week and they are just awesome. We taught the message of the restauration and she just accepted it so perfectly. She said some comments that I loved such as; "Why didnt anyone ever tell me about this?" or "I have had this right in front of my eyes for how long and I didnt realize that it was from God." This just goes to help strengthen my testimony that there are very very select people out there in the world and just need to talk to them. It also makes me think again of how many people back at home did I know that I never talked to that were probably just waiting for somebody to tell them about the Gospel. I hope we can all get this fear out of the way that blocks us from sharing the Gospel so that more and more people can be blessed.

On Saturday I gave the district meeting about setting goals and making plans. You know I have never really been one to just sit down and come up with stuff like that, but after studying and a bit of revelation I realized how important setting goals and making plans are in our lives. There is a great analogy from Preach My Gospel that talks about the difference of someone who puts goals and plans and someone who doesnt. Here it is... 

“None of us should be like the fisherman who thinks he has been fishing all day
when in reality he has spent most of his time getting to and from the water, eating
lunch, and fussing with his equipment. Fishing success is related to how long you
have your line in the water, not to how long you are away from the apartment.
Some fishermen are away from home for twelve hours and have their line in the
water for ten hours. Other fishermen are away from home for twelve hours and
have their line in the water for only two hours. This last type may wonder why
they do not have the same success as others."

This is a good little way to think about it. I believe that both started out with the same goal, that is to fish. But one had greater success because he relized his goal and set plans. That is something that we all need to do in this life and it is something that I have put into practice here in the mission. I hope we can all learn how to set proper goals and plans. So that we may have a good result of our lives. Love you all! 

Elder Tommy Anderson

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