Monday, May 27, 2013

Why are you marching Son?

Why hello there one and all. Happy Memorial Day to you all. I love this day. What a great day it is to memorialize all those who have gone before us and that great country just north of me. But yeah, happy memorial day! 

Well, this has been a great week here in the offices and in Central. It honestly was another week of miracles. I am so blessed to be here. So we have had an investigator for a couple weeks named S. that was deported from the US about 1 month ago. He has been going to the church in the US for a while but hadn’t gotten baptized. So, we’ve been talking about baptism and he has wanted to do it, but keeps deciding not to because he keeps wanting to jump back across. Well finally on Tuesday we got a text from him, saying that he wanted to meet with us. So of course we went and met him in the park and I finally just said, "so... you wanted to talk with us?" And he responds, "Yeah, I wanna get baptized." So I said, "Ok, how about Friday?" He accepted and was baptized on that day and confirmed yesterday. It is so incredible to see how God blesses all of His children. We are super happy for him and that he was able to enter into this path. 

Another incredible miracle was yesterday at church. So a less active member that we have been working with finally showed up to church yesterday, and what does she do? She brought her neighbors, a golden family of 5 that loved church. It honestly all worked out perfectly. The family is Mom, dad, and three sons 13, 12, and 8, and this week the Aarronic Priesthood just had gotten back from a campout celebrating the commemoration of the Aarronic Priesthood. So all of the youth passed up front to share their testimonies and their little stories about the stuff that happened. The new family thought that was so cool to think that their kids could be up there. They loved the structure of the young mens program and how the church helps them out to grow into strong young men. So we have some appts set up with them and they are gonna be a great new strength to the ward. 

Another great miracle, as you can see in the picture, they opened up the first Chili`s here in Tijuana this week and I most definitely went. It was delicious. What a week of miracles! 

I also was very blessed this week to be able to watch the funeral of Sister Monson here in the office with the whole staff. It was a very spiritual beautiful meeting. My favorite part was the granddaughter who sang "Whenever I hear the song of a bird". If you weren't fortunate enough to watch the funeral I highly encourage you all to watch it. Well I hope that you all have just a wonderful week and that all of your wildest wishes come true. Know that I love you and pray for you all every night. Remember who you are and act accordingly!

Elder Tommy Anderson

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