Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Love To See The Temple!

Why hello there one and all! This has been just another crazy, but great week. Congrats to father dear for getting your big major award. You are very well deserving of it! 

I am so grateful for the chance to be here because I feel like I am helping out so many people and also I am learning incredible things. Yesterday I had a really cool experience. So since we are working in the office we always have just weird crazy last minute changes. For example this week we had 3 more missionaries come and stay with us the whole weekend until tomorrow. We have a pretty small ward but we ended up being six missionaries for the weekend. We didn't have quite enough work for all three companionship's, so last night my companion and I went through all of our plans and all the people that we knew of... and it was like 5 in the afternoon (we work on Sundays till 8:30). So anyways I thought of visiting some less active who lived like 30 minutes away walking. So we get there and the person says, "shes not home". So I was just like shoot! That was like my last resort and the lady that opened the door never lets us in. But I just asked her if we could have a cup of water and she let us come in. She is an older lady who is another less active. This was the first time she let us in. We got talking with her and broke the ice. We asked her why she doesn't come to church and told us that her mom is on dialysis and she has to stay there and take care of her. So we asked her if we could do anything for her and she said, "well let me go see if she wants you to sing some hymns to her" so I got all excited because I had not sang for a while. So she let us back and it was this just sweet little old grandma laying on her bed. By some miracle I was on divisions with an elder that can sing and we sang like 5 hymns to her. We would switch on and off between doing harmony and melody and it was just the coolest thing. I loved it because it really touched this lady and her daughter. They both were just in there crying and you could feel the spirit so strong. She asked us for a blessing and so we gave it and once again. Incredible spirit felt there. I love these little experiences that God gives us in our lives so that we can help out others. It is the best!

This last Wednesday, Presidente CarreĆ³n gave us permission to  go to the San Diego Temple! We left here in the afternoon so that we could be there to see the lights at night. But... we got to the border and got stuck there for like 2 1/2 hours. By the time we got out and to the temple, we had gotten there too late. I was pretty sad, but it was still worth it. Just driving up on the freeway and seeing the happy, I just got so happy. And then we were at least able to walk in the front doors. I love the spirit that is only found in the temples. It was so great to feel that again. I hope that we get to go back sometime soon. 

So things here in the ward and office are going great. We are starting to get a better rhythm with everything. I love the videos from the worldwide training of the work of salvation. They are helping so much all of the members of our ward. We are sharing videos with them from it and it is working really well.

This week we should be having the baptism of Rosa, the sister who doesn't speak any sort of common language. We are really excited for her and for this step she is going to make. It will be great for her. 

Well I hope you are all doing great! Know that I love you all! Take care and remember who you are. ¡Hasta luego!

Elder Tommy Anderson

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