Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Good Will Always Win!

     Why hello there one and all! How are you all doing? It has been yet another great week. I was especially a fan of the 4th of July this week. I woke up at turned up the Mormon Tabernacle Choir CD (waking up my companions of course) singing God Bless America. Oh, what a great country it is that we live in. I even celebrated that day with a nice big hamburger from Carl’s Jr. It was something special.  
    Well this week really has been good. We have been able to get quite a lot done. This was just one of the most hectic and work filled weeks I have had in a while. In our ward all of the sudden we have started to have a lot more work. The members have been working a lot more, and we are getting more investigators. We had a lot more referrals this week than in the past and really I think the ward is starting to get on the band wagon. It was nice to see once again many investigators at church on Sunday.
      I am pretty sure that I have already told you all about the sister named Rosa that we are teaching that does not speak Spanish, she speaks a dialect from Chiapas Mexico. So anyways, she has been coming to church now for like 3 months. We have been working with an ex-missionary who served his mission over there in Chiapas and learned this language a bit, but he has since forgotten a large portion of it. So we are trying to get her to the point where she understands enough that she would be able to be a convert and at least be able to answer all of the baptismal questions. So on Sunday during church we did a cool Skype video chat with some elders over there in Chiapas who taught her the restoration. It is really cool how the prophecies really do come true that every person will hear the Gospel in their own native tongue.
        So this week we have been working a tone trying to get a couple different DVD´s burned for the whole mission. They include the training of the work of salvation and various different videos and Mormon messages. We were wanting to get it done good and done easily so we had it taken care of so that we were going to have a apple laptop to get the video done. So long story short, we get the laptop and then there arises problem after problem after problem. We took turns staying here in the office with another elder that broke his foot all day every day this last week. So Every day, all day long we were working on this movie and for one thing or another, it was not turning out right, or the program wouldn’t work, or the discs wouldn’t burn. It was just so weird that we were having so many problems with it. I commented this to mom, and she said something very wise. She basically said that when something good is happening, the adversary isn’t happy and will do all he can to stop it from progressing. But as always in the end the good won. We finished all of the DVDs yesterday morning about ten minutes before our deadline. It is incredible to see how God always makes things go through the way they should.

 Well, I hope all is well back home. Take care one and all and know that I love ya!
Elder Tommy Anderson


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