Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Martha, Panda Express, Training, Choices, Good Week.

Why hello there dear family and friends of mine! What´s up? This has been another great week. We spent a lot of this week again on training all of the ward leaders on how to be better missionaries and how they can lead their organizations to have success in their missionary efforts.
As a district leader, some of my responsibilities is to do companionship exchanges with the elder´s in my district. This week the companionship in the district was in need of lots of help, so I went and did some exchanges with them and spent the day with them training them and helping them work better in their area. It was pretty cool some of the miracles that we saw. We did a bit of the same that we are doing in my ward right now which is the working more with the leaders and helping to train them. We had lots of success honestly. All of the leaders are all committed to having a family home evening and inviting someone this week. They are also committed to helping out their organizations. The interchanges were a big success.
This week we made a fun little trip over to San Diego with President. There was an elder here who was having an issue with his visa so we had to take him to the Mexican Consulate in San Diego. Well we went and dropped him and Elder Bryce there and then President and I went to go shopping. It was quite fun to just spend a while with him. He is an incredible man that has an incredible power to teach by the Spirit. He was just teaching me for like 2 hours straight. It was quite a great experience. Not gonna lie, it was kind of strange driving on I-15 for a little while…

"It's been FOREVER since I've driven"

Here is a little funny story for ya! Between my companions and I, we have been trying to scare each other all week. It is normally just like hiding around the corner and grabbing them when they walk by, but I got my companion elder Bryce, the big guy, really good this week. Every morning him and I get up a little early to go play Frisbee. And so he was trying to wake me up, but I was already awake just laying down. And so I just jolted at him and screamed and he flew back onto his bed. It was quite hilarious. Hopefully they dont get me too bad this week…
Well over the last couple of months we have been teaching an elderly couple. They have been coming to church now for quite some time but the brother has had a hard time with one of the commandments. Their son was actually baptized about 2 years ago but kinda took a dive for the deep end. He is coming back now and has been a great help for helping his parents. Well the husband decided that he couldn’t do it, but his wife just had a huge desire to get baptized. She is partially paralyzed and not 100% there, but after an interview it was determined that she could be baptized. It was a really cool baptism. She was just so happy and her son also. We are hoping that the father will turn around soon and make the changes necessary.
This morning I was studying the last couple chapters of Moroni as I finish up the Book of Mormon again. There were a few parts that just really stood out to me today that I think are quite opportune for some events at home. Making the right choices in life is quite important seeing as that our choices create our destiny. For that reason it is so important that we can make right choices now. In Moroni 7 it talks a lot about how to choose between what is right and what is wrong. It teaches about how the good will invite us to do things that will uplift and help, but my favorite verse is verse 19; “Wherefore, I beseech of you, brethren, that ye should search diligently in the light of Christ that ye may know good from evil”.  I am particularly fond of the par that says, “Search diligently in the light of Christ”. In this verse Mormon invites us to search for the “light” of Christ for that will be the right choice. In this life it is so important that we can constantly search for that light and always try to do what it is that we are supposed to. I invite you all to diligently search in the light while making choices and decisions because God will always lead you in the path that we must go.
I love you all soo much! You guys are all just the best! I wish you the best in all that you do and in all that this week has ready for you each. Remember who you are and act accordingly!

Elder Tommy Anderson

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