Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This was one hot week!

Why hello there! What’s up? How are you doing? It has been a loverly week here in Tijuana. Actually is has been quite a hot week here. We had 2 or 3 days over 100 degrees! I was sweating so much! Anyways, it was another great week! Not a whole lot of big things, but there were still a few of them!
Wednesday was just the big day of everything! In the morning, the G. were married in a big group wedding with about 100 couples. On top of that that evening we got everything ready and they were baptized. They were so excited and be able to get baptized and to finally be married. They are going to be a very very strong family in the Church. All three kids want to go on missions and are just awesome.
Right now we have been doing well in finding new people and having a steady rhythm here in the ward. I am excited for everything that will be happening here in the next little while. We are going to be working a lot this week with training all of the leaders individually on how to work and how to do their job. I love this Church and the way it is organized, I guess you could say it comes from straight from God. Every calling and every level of the Church is perfectly organized to be able to help the organization and the individual. When everything is carried out the way it should be, the Church or ward runs perfectly! For that reason we want to train all of the leaders so that they can put the example and also train those who are in their organizations.
This week I have been reading a lot of the book of Ether. It is a really interesting book. It is a lot of time period scrunched down into like 15 chapters or so. Through it, you can see the traditions and the patterns of the people. I always find it interesting how almost always the majority of the people were in a state of apostasy, or in other words not following the counsels of God, but at the same time there was always someone, or some group fighting for what was right. Here in this world we are what, 7 billion people? And how many are we here in the Church, 15 million? We have a huge responsibility to stay strong and to carry the truth and light to all the rest.
I am always intrigued in the stories in Alma of Alma the Younger and the sons of Mosiah. Their example is incredible. As they left to share the Gospel to the Lamanites, they left the comforts of their homes the peace and security of their lands. Us as full time missionaries have done not quite the same, but similar to what they have done in leaving homes to come and teach, but it isn’t a requirement to leave your home to teach and share the gospel, to teach and share the will of God. Each of us has the responsibility to “Lift where you stand” and work in our little part of the vineyard. I hope that we can all learn the importance of that and that we can change our lives so that we can be more diligent workers and sharers of the Gospel. I know that this is what God wants me to do, and I know that it is what he wants each and every one of us to do as well. May we all be forever missionaries, sharing the gospel at every moment and in every place.
I love you all and hope that all is well with you. Remember who you are and act accordingly!  
Elder Tommy Anderson

It's getting to be the most wonderful time of the year!

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