Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Why hello there family dear, how are you doing this fine morning? It has been another exciting week here in Tijuana. Lots happening. Lots of miracles. Lots of blessings. I love this area here in Central, I am gonna miss it. This next week we have transfers and well it looks like I am heading out. I have been talking to the assistants and well they tell me that I am going back to Florido again. That should be fun! This week is going to be a little crazy, transfer week always is. We are receiving 25 new missionaries and 16 of them are Americans (I was looking at recommendations of the new elders that are coming and there are like 2 or 3 from Riverton and Herriman, I didn’t really remember who they were though). That is the most we have ever received at one time. With that we are going to have to open up 7 new areas. It is really cool to see how the work of God is progressing so much. 
So this week has been pretty exciting. I think I had one of the most interesting and funny lessons of my whole mission. We have recently been trying to help out an 18 year old less active kid who has been having some drug problems since he was 12. It is a pretty tough situation but he finally opened up to us. It is great that he opened up and all, but I think the only reason that he did was because he was still a little “under the influence”. He was just doing really funny things the whole time and wasn’t making much sense. Elder Bryce and I were laughing a bit, but even through the whole funniness of the thing we were able to teach him and help him set some new goals. He even came to church this Sunday for the first time in over a year. We are going over there quite often to verify his goals so that he can get out of the problems that he is in.
This week we were able to find many more new investigators. Unfortunately not many of them were able accompany us to church. Other than that, they are really cool and have a lot of potential to progress and to accept the Gospel. One cool thing that Presidente CarreĆ³n taught us this week was about the role that the Holy Ghost has in the conversion. We read in the Book of Mormon that the Holy Ghost works when it can penetrate the heart of someone, but how many “hard of heart”. The ways that people can overcome that is by acting and following the counsels of God such as to ready, pray, and attend church.  We ourselves need to act also so that the Holy Ghost can reach us.
I would like you all to pray for Martha (the elderly woman that we baptized a few weeks ago in the wheel chair). She has been going to physical therapy lately trying to be able to walk again. Well the other day the grandkids were over and she wanted to show them that she could walk and stood up and ended up falling and got banged up pretty good. So if you could, please pray for her and her family so that everything can turn out alright.
Honestly, everything is going pretty good here. Still we are in this ever long struggle or well training I guess you could call it of helping this ward understand how to work more efficiently. I can most definitely say that I am learning a lot from this ward on the importance of callings, and completing with our responsibilities in everything. As I have talked about in older letters, the Church is organized in such a way that is incredible, but the only way that the organization works, is if everyone completes with their assignments and responsibilities. So for that, I invite you to complete with your responsibilities in everything; in work, school, church, family, callings, and anything else that could give you responsibilities. If you want things to run right, to run smoothly, complete with your assignments.
This is just like when after Jesus died, his Apostles didn’t know what to do, so what did they end up doing? Fishing. Seems like fun, but that is not what God needed of them, that is not how the Church of Christ would prosper, so Christ appeared to his disciples and talked to Peter, asking him “Peter, lovest thou me?”, Peter answers, “Lord thou knowest that I love thee”. So than in a loving way Christ reminded his chosen disciples of their responsibilities by saying, “Then feed my sheep.” If we really love God, if we love the things that we are doing than we must remember to complete with our responsibilities. I love the mission for the many things that it has taught me and I know I will learn much more as I continue living my responsibilities. Love you all soooo much! Have a great week!

Love Tommy

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