Monday, September 30, 2013


Carne Asada De Sonora with Hmo. Huerta

Why hello there! This week has just been great. Nothing else to describe it. As I mentioned last week, today is transfer day and well I am already here in my new area with my companion Elder Llanes. We are  both from the same generation and both go home in December, so my guess is that we will be together for just a transfer. We are back here in Florido as zone leaders. It will be a lot of fun and well there is a lot of work to be done here. This is the stake with the most potential in the whole mission, but it is a little down right now so that means I am super excited to lift it back up. My companion Elder Llanes is pretty great. I already knew him from before and he will be a ton of fun to be with. He is definitely a jokester so we will have lots of fun as we work! 

Last P-day in the office. Bowling (I have gotten so good!!!)
This last week in the sector was a good one. Yesterday at Church we ended up with 6 investigators there, so we are quite happy with that bit of work. Both Elder Bryce and I left the sector today and so we were able to have a few extra little pieces of cake and deserts this week :) 

Even though it is always sad leaving a ward, I am very excited for the new chance to be up here in Villas del Bosque. That is what this new ward is called. The missionaries that have been here have been working good and they left some good things going here. We have a good set of investigators I have been told who are preparing right now for baptism. I am super excited for all that this week will bring! Here as a zone leader I will also be able to do companionship exchanges with both Las Villas and Las Fuentes (the two other sectors I have been in here in Florido), and so I am pretty excited about that. This ward is right next to my old ward Las Villas and we meet in the same building, so that means that I will hopefully be able to see some converts that I baptized and taught. 

I came and took the place of Elder Lundberg, my trainee who today subbed up to be the new assistant. I am super happy for him. He will do great. We were able to have a nice talk last night and well he was pretty nervous, but I know he is going to do a great job. 

Awesome pants that the Stake High Councilman was wearing to church yesterday.

The mission as always, is just an incredible experience. I am learning and progressing so much and in so many aspects. I feel so blessed to have had the experiences that I have had. They are just all incredible. Well I hope that you all have just a great week. Remember who you all are! Hopefully next week I will have a little bit more time and a little bit more stories to tell! Can’t wait to talk to you all again. 

Elder Tommy Anderson

Crazy Light Up Balloons of Elder Bryce

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