Monday, October 7, 2013

Welcome Back To Florido!

Why hello there! 

How are you all doing? Didn't you all just love General Conference?!? It was just the best thing ever! I loved it so much and well I feel like I learned a ton. Really, you can tell that each speaker was so in tune with the Spirit in what he was teaching. I am so excited to study over each of the talks again so that I can learn more and find more things to put into my life. I felt like there were a few major topics of the conference; the roles of women, trials and tribulations, not loosing your faith, and obedience in all things. I hope that each of you guys can each study all of the talks also when they come out. 

Well as I said last week, I was transferred to Villas del Bosque back here in Florido. I love being here! It is just the best place in the whole wide world! We currently have 6 progressing investigators. Each are progressing, but the hardest thing here is that church is at 8 am and so that is just pretty early for lots of people. But this week we still had 4. Honestly, my companion is great and we are just working our behinds off. I love it! It is a lot of fun to be back here in the field all day long again. 

We are teaching a family that was recently activated about a month ago and are teaching
the father and boyfriend of the daughter now. On Saturday the parents got in a fight and the dad kinda threw it all onto the church and says he doesn't want anything to do with it. We showed up Saturday night after the Priesthood session to see why they hadn't come to any of the sessions. Well anyway, we got there and the dad left angrily and didn't want to talk with us and the daughter was crying and said she was done with the Church. Well, we were able to talk a bit about trials and how God allows us to have trials so that we can progress. Well we animated her and she got excited again to go to conference for the Sunday morning session, and well President Monson’s talk was just perfect for her. It is incredible to see how God knows each of our needs and teaches us in the precise moment that we need help. 

Honestly, the whole week was just full of experiences like that. On Friday I went and did interchanges with the elders in Las Villas and was able to visit some old investigators as well as some converts. It was great to see them. But I think the best thing that made my week was the Sunday afternoon session when Ricardo and Venica and their little girls sat behind me during the session. I was able to talk with them for a little while and they are just doing so great! Ricardo is now the stake secretary and Venica is in the Relief Society Presidency. And guess what, they are taking temple prep classes right now so they can go be sealed in San Diego in the beginning of February! I was soooo happy when they told me that! They are the best family in the world, and it has just made incredible changes in their lives. 

As always, I love being a missionary and seeing these incredible changes in people. I love this work, this ward, this mission. Really I am just so happy to be here! There is no greater happiness that you can find than through doing missionary work. 

Well, I love you all!!! Take care and please remember who you are and what you stand for!

Love you all!
Elder Tommy Anderson

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