Monday, October 14, 2013

Why Hello There

Why hello there! How are you all doing this fine day? Things are doing really well here in the area. I am loving being back here in Villas del Bosque. We are having a lot of success and honestly just some really cool things happening. 

We had some incredible miracles yesterday at Church. Normally, it is pretty hard to get people to Church since it is at 8 am, but yesterday we had 5 investigators come. That is honestly a big miracle. We currently have 7 investigators that are progressing really well and all have baptismal dates. It is kinda funny though because with this new rule that the people have to come 5 times before there baptism, we have already finished all of the lessons and still have like 2 or 3 weeks with a few investigators before their baptism.   We are starting to focus on family history and reviewing all of the lessons. I think that this will help a lot for the investigators so that they can be more fully converted before their baptisms. 

Well on Tuesday we went to the office for a zone leader meeting and it was quite the surprise because when we got there they told us we were gonna be taking a new missionary home with us! That is pretty exciting. We are training Elder Menchaca from Dallas Texas. His parents are from Mexico and so he already understands Spanish really well, just has a good little accent still. But we are working on that. He is a great elder and is gonna do real well. He is pretty shy right now, but I am pretty sure that him being with my companion and I, it won’t take that long for him to come out of his shell. 

This week we had quite the rain storm and since then, it has been quite chilly here. It is nice to have a bit of weather change and not just be sweating all day long. I have even had to put my sweater on a few times lately. It has been great though because with the cold I have been able to have the best snack combinations in the world, negritos and hot chocolate. (by the way mom, if you send anything at some point, throw in there a bunch of those little swiss miss packets)

He even has an "Elder Tommy" name tag!  
All of our investigators are all progressing really well right now. We found two less active families that have kids that aren’t baptized and we have been working with them. Both families came to church yesterday. We had a really cool lesson the other day with an investigator named Elena. We were teaching about tithing and basically she was just understanding everything really well. At the end, we asked her about how she felt for her baptismal date that was coming up, and she told us that she had a dream and saw her grandmother that had passed away and well she didn’t really tell us details, but told us that she knew she needed to get baptized. So we are preparing here baptismal service for the 26th. We have 5 investigators that are preparing for that date and 2 so far for November. 

I was able to do intercambios in las fuentes the other day and it was awesome. Las Fuentes is were I started my mission. It was cool to see all of the people that I knew and help the elders find old investigators and less actives. Things are going really well over there. I just need to go back over and have some good talks with some of the people that I taught that have stopped going to church. Seeing a bit of that there in Las Fuentes is helping me realize right now how great the new rule of 5 weeks is because now the people will be so much more converted before they even get baptized. I believe that this will be a great blessing in their lives. 

The church is true. We need to do all that we can to strengthen our testimonies and build our faith. Everything depends on the three basics; read the scriptures, say your prayers, and go to Church. I hope you all strive to work really hard in each of those areas. 

Take care and be good love you all.  Remember who you are and act accordingly.

Elder Tommy Anderson

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