Monday, July 30, 2012

A Smile and Hello

Delicious Fish Taco's

Why hello there everyone! How are we doing this fine day!? This was a loverly week here in Fuentes Tijuana.

Oh, they released the plan of the new temple here in Tijuana and it is beautiful! It is gonna be such a difference from all the rest of Tijuana. You can see a picture here at this website...  So pretty!

So this week was pretty good! We had some good times, talked to some good people, but once again didn't really see very much success. On Saturday Elder Cordova was pretty down and I was just praying that we could have something to help lift our spirits, and I swear all at once everyone started being so nice! Everyone on the streets starting smiling and waving at us and saying hello, well buenos tardes, but you get the picture. There is a power behind a smile and hello and I hope you guys continue to do that.

Well this week we also had some other cool experiences. On Monday we went with a member of the bishopric to a less active family to do a FHE. There they are having some difficulties with one of their children who is 6 or 7 and he had a brain tumor and now has cancer and is going through radiotherapy. There was honestly an incredible spirit over there and it reminded me a lot of Reed and all of the things that he went through. It is hard to know or understand sometimes why things happen or why people have to go through these struggles, but there is always a reason. There is always something that is to be learned or endured.

Lets see... what else happened. Well we should have had 2 baptisms this Sunday, but they both fell through. And well we are just still out searching for new people.

Well my time is up and I gotta go, but I hope you all have just a loverly week!

Sure love  you all!
Elder Tommy Anderson

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