Monday, September 24, 2012


Well good afternoon there one and all.

Well today is transfers, and yup I got transferred. I am actually quite content with that. I am ready for a change and hey, they have paved roads here with asphalt so it seems like we are making some progress!

I am in a place called Postal in Otay which is closer to downtown Tijuana. It seems like an area with quite a bit higher income class of people. Hopefully people will be humble enough here to listen. The new companero Elder Hernandez seems great. He is 24 and so a little bit more mature and well I am just really excited to work with him.

This week was really great. First of all, I got a laffy taffy with a great joke and so I will now take the opportunity to share it with you.... What do you call a sleep walking Nun?
A Roamin' Catholic! Oh I was laughing so hard! So yeah, this week we had a great zone conference that was just perfect for me. I loved it! We also did some companionship exchanges this week and this time Elder Rushton came over to Fuentes and we had a great time talking English, but more importantly we did some great work there and were able to have lots of lessons.

This week was difficult once again to find new people and to really just keep everything going. We are trying to work a lot more with the members, but so far I just haven't seen any success from it, but soon it will come!

So we found out Saturday night that I was getting transferred so I had Sunday to say my goodbyes to people. It was quite sad leaving. I don’t like goodbyes, but that is alright, it is time. That is one thing that I have learned that there is a time and a season to all things. A lot of times we don’t understand or we wish other things could happen, but everything has its perfect time and season.

I like a quote that I read this week that has nothing do with what I was just talking about, but it says, "have the sure belief that the arms of our Heavenly Father are always extended towards us, always ready to hug each and every one of us and to say with a voice quite and penetrating, "I love you". Elder Paul E. Koelliker. I just love that. Heavenly Father is always standing there waiting for us, we just have to put forth our hand to.

I love the Gospel and am so thankful for the chance that I have to teach it here in Tijuana. The Gospel and Church are true. President Monson is truly a prophet of God. I cannot wait till General Conference when we get to hear all the General Authorities speak!

Well, hears to a great week!

Love you all!
Elder Tommy Anderson

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