Monday, October 1, 2012

Greetings from Postal!

Happy Monday to you all! Hope that you all have had just an absolutely incredible week. 
This week was quite great actually. I had a whole heck of a lot of fun and well we did some great work. It is fun moving around and being able to meet new people and be in a new area. The area I am in is really cool. Well there are a lot of hills which aren't the coolest, but we are really close to the border and really close to downtown Tijuana. We could walk to downtown in like 30 minutes. I can see the lights of the border from the roof of our apartment. I would guess like 2 or 3 miles distance to the border. 
Our house is absolutely awesome. So nice! There is a whole patio roof thing above which is pretty much just ours because we are the only ones living there, and it has a grill and a whole bar stuff set up. We are thinking we are gonna do a carne asada with some members to try and boost their desire to work with us. 
So this week I had the opportunity to be the voice of a blessing for the first time in Spanish. I always have just said, hey companion, you do it. But this time, Elder Hernandez insisted that I did it and it was incredible. I know for a surety that blessings come directly from God, if not there is no way I would have been able to say the things that I said and in the way I said it. It really was a cool experience. 
So for my first lunch we had here with the members, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I sat down and out came the brother with a plate of salad, mashed potatoes, and Beef Brisquit. Oh it was sooooooo goood! I really was just in Heaven!!!
There is quite the economic difference from Fuentes to here. The majority here work in San Diego and so earn a little bit more, which still isn't really saying anything. 
So we have an awesome investigator named Liz who is getting baptized tomorrow. Last Tuesday or Wednesday we taught here the Word of Wisdom. She told us right then and there to take her coffee maker, wine, and tea's. It was awesome! And then yesterday at church during gospel principles we taught Tithing and then that day she paid it. She is so great and I can't wait for tomorrow.
We had a baptism on Saturday also of Mary who has known the church for like 14 years and has been with missionaries for the same and has just always said it wasn't her time. Well she decided that her time finally came! So wohooo! So yeah, this was quite the exciting week. I had a lot of fun and was able to see a lot of incredible stuff. 

Everybody, just remember who you are, act accordingly, and know that I love you. Have a great week!!!!!
Love ya!
Elder Tommy Anderson

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